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Crosswalk in São Paulo
Is crowdsourcing the next revolution in urban accessibility?
Urban residents worldwide encounter a myriad of accessibility challenges every day, many of which pose particular challenges to individuals with disabilities. In an effort to identify these daily challenges, a partnership between the Association for Assistance to Disabled Children (AACD) and IBM recently ...
Developing public transport in Brazil as car sales surge
Developing public transport in Brazil as car sales surge
In Sao Paulo, increasing car sales led to the worst congestion in the city’s history. Photo by Levi Bianco. In May, car sales in Europe fell to the lowest level in almost two decades. Within the first five months of ...
A passenger peruses a book stop in Brazil
Waiting at the Book Stop
A passenger peruses books at a “Book Stop” in Sao Paolo. Photo by Parada do Livro. What if bus shelters were also mini libraries? What if, while you waited for the bus, you could pick out a book, and take ...
Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Joel McCann.
The life and death of urban highways
Cover for the newly released publication “Vida e Morte das Rodovias Urbanas“. Courtesy of EMBARQ Brasil. EMBARQ Brazil and ITDP Brazil officially launched the Portuguese version of “Life and Death of Urban Highways” last week, during the III Congress SIBRT: ...
Pedestrians in mid-town Manhattan, New York City. By moriza.
Brazil celebrates pedestrian safety for Global Road Safety Week
Pedestrian Safety is the theme the United Nations’ second annual Global Road Safety Week, May 6-12, 2013. Five thousand pedestrians are killed in road accidents each week across the world. In an urban environment that often places cars, motorcycles and ...
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