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Photo by Benson Kua.
“City 2.0″ Wins TED Prize
For the very first time, TED, the nonprofit organization devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading,” awarded its TED Prize not to an individual but to an idea. The winner was “City 2.0,” an idea dedicated to creating the city of the ...
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Living Cities: Collaboration is Key
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its establishment, Living Cities hosted panel discussions on Tuesday on leadership, innovation and problem-solving mechanisms in urban areas. Living Cities was established in 1991 by philanthropists and corporate leaders who believed that real change in ...
The National Building Museum's Intelligent Cities Forum gathered experts across disciplines to explore the intersection of technology and urban life. Photo by
Highlights from the Intelligent Cities Forum
The National Building Museum held its Intelligent Cities Forum yesterday, an all-day event that brought together experts from across the United States to explore the evolving, deep-rooted connections between technology and cities. The event covered topics ranging from education and ...
"The Constitution says 'We the people...' not 'The government and the citizens...' Boundaries don’t matter." Image by opensourceway
Government by the People: The Importance of Public Engagement
According to a recent report from the National League of Cities, 75% of American cities report an overall worsening of economic conditions and 68% have shelved or canceled capital projects. Cities are hurting and officials are asking “What to do?” ...
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World Bank Opens Urban Development (and Other) Data
Earlier this month, the World Bank opened up its data and launched a new website – – where users will be able to browse and filter more than 2,000 financial, business, health, economic and human development indicators from World ...
Open Cities: New Media’s Role in Shaping Urban Policy
Open Cities: New Media’s Role in Shaping Urban Policy
Today and tomorrow, Next American City will be hosting a series of panel discussions on “Open Cities: New Media’s Role in Shaping Urban Policy.” EMBARQ Information & Innovation Director Rhys Thom will be presenting on how blogs like inform ...
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