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The bicycle holds promise as a sustainable mobility solution for Indian cities. By Jorge Royan.
The promise of bike-sharing in India
This blog post is a part of the Catalyzing New Mobility program, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. Rapid economic growth in developing countries has resulted in increased purchasing power among the people, which manifests itself in an ever-increasing number of private ...
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The authors of Low Carbon Land Transport – Policy Handbook ask, “Which transport vision will cities like Beijing, China [pictured here], choose for their future?” Photo by Daniel Bongardt.
Towards a vision of sustainable transport – Today’s decisions matter!
This post was authored by Daniel Bongardt, Insa Eekhoff, and Stefan Bakker In 2050, Pankaj and Amisha may live in the same country, but their daily experience in traffic could not be more different. Being troubled by congestion, air pollution, ...
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Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo by Aileen Carrigan - EMBARQ.
Natural gas and low-sulfur diesel meet again
This is the second round of a two-part series weighing the benefits of natural gas versus low-sulfur diesel as fuel sources for buses. Natural gas won Round I because when we focus on tailpipe emissions it is less toxic, and ...
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By longzijun.
The three pillars of successful urban development in Seoul
In her February post on sustainable urban development, EMBARQ expert Robin King posed the question: “What does good urban development mean to you?” Keeping people in mind, she identified three key areas for action to produce good urban development: Providing ...
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Istanbul Bike Path. Photo by bicyclemark.
BikeLab Istanbul Helping to Solve Transportation Troubles in Historic Metropolis
Last year, Turkey and the Netherlands celebrated 400 years of diplomatic relations, established between Sultan Ahmed I and Maurice, Prince of Orange, in 1612. In 1600, there were around 460,000 inhabitants living in Istanbul. There are upwards of 13.8 million ...
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The future of China in transport is not through more cars. Photo by Ol.v!er [H2vPk].
China Transportation Briefing: 5 Trends to Watch in China’s Urban Transport in 2013 (Part One)
Our China Transportation Briefing shares interesting news and noteworthy research related to China’s transportation and urban development. The goal is to help people who are interested in solving China’s urbanization and transportation problems understand relevant Chinese policies and trends. Each ...
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