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CAMG, Administrative City of Minas Gerais, started a few measures to reduce employees car dependency. Photo by Ana Paula Hirama / Flickr
In Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Breaking Car Addictions Starts in the Workplace
The WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities’ Sustainable and Livable Cities Initiative supports key leaders in China, India and Brazil in improving urban quality of life and environmental sustainability. WRI’s blog series on the Initiative will highlight some of the ...
A five-year pledge of $12.5 million will focus on key urban centers in China, India and Brazil. Photo by Ernie.
Caterpillar Foundation Awards Major Support to World Resources Institute for Sustainable Cities Initiative
The Caterpillar Foundation today announced a five-year, $12.5 million grant to the World Resources Institute (WRI) to advance the progress of environmentally sustainable and livable cities in China, India, and Brazil. WRI intends to develop low-carbon city models and pathways for environmentally sustainable ...