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Is America’s Love Affair with the Car Over?
  • Unfortunately as much as we want the love affair with the car to be over, it is somewhat impossible. North America lacks sophisticated transit systems making it near impossible to totally divert from the personal auto. It is great to see that miles driven is dropping, but I’m not sure that is enough when the number one selling vehicle is the Ford F150.

  • Perhaps we are just now looking around and appreciating alternatives (e.g. bikes and mass transit), possibly trading down to more fuel-efficient models, and will soon learn that small is beautiful … in which case mileage travelled may well rise again, but at lower cost and lower emissions through transport swaps.

  • Well I’d say right now America and his/her car are just “on a break”. If gas prices stay high, the economy stays in the tank, and the move back to the city movement continues then maybe you’d get a break up…