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Healthier Cities Can Lead to Healthier Citizens

For all of our Spanish-speaking readers, here is a short clip from a recent Mexico City television broadcast that gives a quick overview of some of the ways in which transport policy impacts public health. It describes a Mexico City NGO (and EMBARQ Network partner) that is working with the Mexican capital to improve both traffic conditions and the health of the citizenry.

Importantly, better transport systems can have community-wide effects that go beyond reducing air pollution and the incidence of traffic accidents; they can also help promote physical activity, providing another tool in the fight against chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

In fact, as cities become increasingly congested, the myriad connections between traffic and public health have become more visible and more serious. Forward-thinking cities are beginning to realize that failing to address these links and thereby improve the quality of life in their cities will mean losing their competitive advantage in our increasingly globalized world.

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  • I wonder why is NOBODY interested in the solutions which can really SOLVE the city transit problems almost immediately, in a way that none of the extensive and expensive programs, like even those well intended and promoted on that website – cannot do ?!

    Is that website just another “feel nice” exercise with plenty of grand rhetoric and plenty of trivial, minor improvements of OLD thinking in regard to transit? We all know what are the problems, but nobody from establishments and even “think tanks”, really wants to look at PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) systems – just because they are not in existence yet. What a shame!

    Are you different from all those people, who are unwilling to consider feasible and NEW proposals but not coming from “established experts” circles?

    If you ARE different, then please read on and consider helping MISTER to get off the ground for the benefit of YOU all people on this planet.

    City transport problems (people and goods) will NOT be solved by bikes, ride sharing, metro, bus lanes, electric cars, telework nor any other incremental methods. The ONLY SOLUTION will be :

    1. reduce number of vehicles, i.e. make them shared by the public

    2. move them above the ground, onto inexpensive, light guideway system, which is colisionless and provides a network of main routes over existing main streets and plenty of small, off-line stops.

    3. Vehilces must be automated, indiividual (not shared with strangers), going without stopping to the destination stop at a moderate speed of 30 mph..

    AND we have such a realistic solution and outstanding business offer, based on the patented invention. It is is described on our website although we will gladly send you more detailed info, business executive overview etc.

    It is about a new, super energy efficient, individual, on demand and fully automated city transit system called MISTER – for Metropolitan Individual System of Transportation on an Elevated Rail.

    Similarly to the transport revolution, which occurred 100 years ago and brought us cars and airplanes, personal systems like MISTER will change the World.

    We already have several cities as customers, who gave the permission to build our system.

    What we are seeking is a minor investment (in terms of city transport infrastructure costs), which would be sufficient to start development and certification of our system.

    Business and social benefits are exceptional, which means that we would be able to repay any investment many fold, while the very sizable and ever growing dividends could not be matched by any other existing business, if similar funds were invested there.

    We have built a prototype, we have customers, we have people ready to build it, we have detailed technical design, business plans and new, highly advantageous business model.

    I will be speaking and presenting our solution at the Ithaca Sustainable Transport Conference Sept 14-16th, so, perhaps you might be interested either to meet with me there or send someone to find out more about PRT and our MIKOSHA MISTER system ? Page 3-4 of the PCCI Conf. Newsletter, which you can find on our website, contains info about the subject matter.

    We are able to prove all of the above. If we can do this, will you be convinced to support our efforts and help find investtors? But it would require your interest and willingness to listen.

    Are you?

    Best regards,

    Ollie Mikosza


    MISTER Ltd.