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Passengers disembark from a train in Tianjin, China. A new global campaign is seeking to better integrate sustainable mobility solutions like mass transport into policy discussions on development and climate change. Photo by Yang Aijun/WorldBank/Flickr. Cropped.
New global campaign aims to deliver sustainable transport to world’s cities
Human society has a lot riding on the transport sector. Safe, efficient, and sustainable transport not only has the potential to enhance or degrade the public spaces, health, and economic dynamism of where the majority of humanity lives – in ...
Tommy Vohs is a locomotive engineer and photographer whose iPhoneography captures the spirit of integrated transport through creative double exposures. Photo by Tommy Vohs/Flickr. All Rights Reserved.
Friday Fun: Photographer captures spirit of integrated transport
I spend a lot of time searching for photos on Flickr. As the Managing Editor of TheCityFix, it’s my job to find photos that fit our content, reflect the human component of our work, and are dynamic, colorful, interactive, transformational, ...
Streetscape in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Google Transit, a web-based transport app that recently became available in Porto Alegre, still faces many challenges. Photo by Marcelo Druck/Flickr.
Two steps forward, one step back: Google Transit launches in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Google Transit has come to the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre. Google Transit’s introduction to developing cities like Porto Alegre provides enormous potential benefits to urban residents by allowing them to plot a course from one location to another ...
Passengers enter the TransOeste BRT in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. TransOeste is one of many mass transport systems worldwide that has embraced fare integration, a critical component of multimodal integration. Photo by Benoit Colin/EMBARQ.
On the move: The future of multimodal integration
This is the ninth post of the “Sustainable Urban Transport On The Move” blog series, exclusive to TheCityFix. Preparation of this series was possible thanks to a grant by Shell Corporation. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the authors. ...
A woman bikes in one of Amsterdam's bicycle lanes. The dominance of bike lanes in the city has been the result of community activism and human-centered policy decisions.
Lessons in promoting bicycle use: The case of the Netherlands
Darío Hidalgo is EMBARQ’s Director for Research and Practice, with over twenty years of experience as a transport expert, consultant, and government official. Hidalgo is a Colombian native who grew up participating in Ciclovía in Bogotá, and a frequent contributor to TheCityFix. In 1998, ...
Passengers crowd into a subway car in Beijing, China. While the city's proposed fare increase could help alleviate the system's congestion, complementary measures should also be pursued in order to improve integration across Beijing's transport network. Photo by Filipe Fortes/Flickr.
Will raising Beijing’s subway fare be enough to improve service quality and combat mounting subsidies?
As we discussed last week on TheCityFix, Beijing’s municipal government is currently considering a controversial proposal that would reform the city’s low subway fare structure. If approved, the proposal would raise the standard subway fare in an effort to alleviate ...
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