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A boy peers out a bus window in Mumbai, India. Photo by gregor_y.
How clean is the air we breathe in cities?
More and more cities worldwide are grappling with the ever-increasing menace of air pollution — especially in India, which contains some of the most polluted cities in the world. Rapid economic growth in developing countries and increased individual wealth is ...
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The bicycle holds promise as a sustainable mobility solution for Indian cities. By Jorge Royan.
The promise of bike-sharing in India
This blog post is a part of the Catalyzing New Mobility program, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. Rapid economic growth in developing countries has resulted in increased purchasing power among the people, which manifests itself in an ever-increasing number of private ...
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Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo by Aileen Carrigan - EMBARQ.
Natural gas and low-sulfur diesel meet again
This is the second round of a two-part series weighing the benefits of natural gas versus low-sulfur diesel as fuel sources for buses. Natural gas won Round I because when we focus on tailpipe emissions it is less toxic, and ...
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Natural gas-powered bus in Delhi, India. Photo by archer10 (Dennis).
Natural gas vs. low-sulfur diesel in India, round I
Natural gas might help public transport to pollute less. It might be a cost effective solution as well. The Indian government mandated natural gas in 2004 for all public buses and rickshaws in a number of cities, but was mandating ...
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A cycle rickshaw breezes past evening congestion. Photo by V Malik.
Bikeshare in Delhi – Room For Improvement
Over the last few years, the city of Delhi has seen a 20-percent decline in the use of public transport. Non-motorized transport, including cycling, makes up for 33-percent of all trips taken in the Capital.  To counter the declining use ...
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Photo by Carlos Heredia.
Could Bike Sharing Work in Jaipur?
Co-written by Sushant Sudhir. This blog post is a part of the catalyzing new mobility program and receives support from The Rockefeller Foundation.   Public bicycle sharing (PBS) is an innovative platform comprising short-term bicycle rental schemes in which bicycles can ...
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