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São Paulo has historically struggled to expand fast enough to match rapid population growth, resulting in many informal favelas housing residents in the city's periphery. Photo by Gabriel Cabral/Flickr.
Why Planning for Expansion Helps Build Sustainable, Equitable cities
Consensus is building around the many benefits of compact cities. Overall, compact cities use fewer resources, produce fewer carbon emissions, and provide better quality of life for their inhabitants than their sprawled counterparts. In rapidly urbanizing countries in the global ...
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The Official Namma Metro Map has competition abounding from riders and users.
Mapping Mobility: The Many Metro Maps of Bangalore
  Welcome to Mapping Mobility, our recurring series on innovative cartography in the public space. We’ll highlight innovation and stories about the conceptual urban space and how we navigate it with humanity’s most essential mobility tool. Come December 22, 2012,  Delhi Metro will turn ...