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Cyclists in Brazil
Safety on two wheels? There’s an app for that
Two cities in Brazil have turned to the internet to improve cyclist safety. Photo by Fora do Eixo. One of the best modes of transport for a sustainable world – one that offers health benefits, increased mobility, and reduces pollution ...
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Should pedestrians get the royal treatment every day? Photo by trasroid.
Pedestrians get the royal treatment in Brasilia
More than 270,000 pedestrians are killed in run-ins with cars and other motor vehicles each year around the world. On Brazilian roads alone, over 10,000 pedestrian lives are lost each year. This staggeringly high number reaffirms the urgent need to ...
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Photo by blmurch.
Weaving people back into the urban fabric
If cities are to be more people-oriented, shouldn’t we work on sharing the space with each other? That’s  the intention of the Bench of Friendship, upon which it is impossible to sit alone. Sponsored by the British-based Fisherman’s Friend and ...
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Bike ambulances save lives in remote areas. Photo by Transaid.
Bicycles are saving lives in Africa
In the African nation of Uganda, where many areas are difficult to access and have limited resources, bicycles are saving lives. Bicycle ambulances, modified to pull a covered stretcher in back, allow an individual experiencing a medical emergency — and ...
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Photo by Mariana Gil.
Before and after: video highlights advances in Rio de Janeiro’s TransCarioca bus rapid transit system
In anticipation of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, host city Rio de Janeiro is hard at work expanding and improving its transportation infrastructure and urban environs for the influx of athletes, fans, and visitors. Eager ...
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