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Brazil’s rising traffic fatalities show the need for traffic calming measures on roadways, and infrastructure that promotes pedestrian safety and well-being. Photo by Gerden van Heijningen/Flickr.
As Europe’s traffic fatalities drop, Brazil’s soar
Traffic safety improvements in Europe are being hailed as one of the greatest advances for the region in the past decade. Europe should be proud of its success: since 2010, there have been 17% fewer deaths on the continent’s roads. ...
The launch of Belo Horizonte's MOVE bus rapid transit (BRT) system seeks provides the city safe, high quality mass transport in an effort to slow the advance of the private car. Photo by Luisa Zottis/EMBARQ Brazil.
MOVE: Transforming bus transportation in Belo Horizonte
Belo Horizonte, one of the host cities for Brazil’s 2014 World Cup, is using its newfound spotlight to showcase its growing transport system. The city launched its MOVE bus rapid transit (BRT) system this past Saturday, March 8, 2014, which ...
Pedestrians walk along Rua XV in Curitaba, Brazil. The congregation of people in the streets is a part of the sustainable development that TheCityFix Brazil works towards. Photo by Dylan Passmore/Flickr.
Vote for TheCityFix Brazil for the Top Blog award
The TheCityFix Brazil is in a race for the third consecutive Top Blog Award. In last year’s competition, TheCityFix Brazil won in the Sustainability category. This year, the blog is moving to the final stage of the competition, vying for the title of Best Sustainability Blog ...
Streetscape in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Google Transit, a web-based transport app that recently became available in Porto Alegre, still faces many challenges. Photo by Marcelo Druck/Flickr.
Two steps forward, one step back: Google Transit launches in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Google Transit has come to the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre. Google Transit’s introduction to developing cities like Porto Alegre provides enormous potential benefits to urban residents by allowing them to plot a course from one location to another ...
A passenger rides the TransOeste bus rapid transit (BRT) system in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If a proposed amendment to the Brazilian Constitution gets passed by the Senate, he may be entitled to transport as a social right - along with the rest of Brazil's citizens. Photo by Benoit Colin/EMBARQ.
Transport set to be defined as social right by Brazilian Constitution
Urban transport is on its way to becoming a social right in Brazil. On December 4, PEC 90 – a proposed amendment to Article Six of the Brazilian Constitution that would define transport as a social right – was approved ...
Over 300 BRTs and busways around the world
Over 300 BRTs and busways around the world
Big news for fans of Bus Rapid Transit and busways – there are now over 300 bus corridors around the world. ViveBus in Chihuahua, Mexico put the total over 300 when it launched this year. Advanced bus systems have now ...
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