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As a growing number of urban areas use BRT systems, cities--like Bogota--are finding innovative ways to integrate BRT with other transport modes. (Photo: WRI Brasil Cidades Sustentáveis)
How to Integrate a New BRT System With Existing Transport Modes
Public transport is essential for a city to function. However, cities in the Global South often encounter financial and planning challenges when developing public transport systems due to the cost and complexity of design and implementation. For example, bus rapid ...
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As landfills reach capacity in developing cities, organizations and governments are innovating new and sustainable methods of managing their waste. (Photo: Mr Thinktank / Flickr)
One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Source of Income
With massive population growth in store for cities across the Global South, the fact that many cities struggle to provide effective waste collection to serve the current population levels is worrying. Poor waste collection practices — such as the indiscriminate ...