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Photo by Mariana Gil/WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities
Using the Global Calculator to Analyze Ambitious Climate Initiatives for the Transport Sector
TheCityFix is covering cities at COP21. Urban areas account for a large share of greenhouse gas emissions but are also tremendous agents of innovation to address climate change. Read our full coverage of the Paris Climate Conference as it relates to cities, buildings, and mobility. Do we ...
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The Global Calculator helps users visualize the various impacts of climate action. Some countries, like Taiwan, have developed their own calculators to help guide decision making. Photo by Hsiuan Boyen
The Global Calculator: Choosing Your 2 Degree Pathway at COP21
TheCityFix is covering cities at COP21. Urban areas account for a large share of greenhouse gas emissions but are also tremendous agents of innovation to address climate change. Read our full coverage of the Paris Climate Conference as it relates ...
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The sounds of a commute majorly impact the user experience. To stay competitive, public transport options should also focus on comfort. (Photo: Barbara Krawcowicz/Flickr)
Friday Fun: Which Transport Mode Would You Choose? The Sounds of Commuting into Washington, DC
In December of 2007, I visited Tokyo, one of the largest and densest cities in the world. While I stood at an intersection near the busy Shibuya Station (which serves 2.4 million passengers per day), it struck me that the ...
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The newly released 2050 Global Calculator illustrates the potentially disastrous impacts of failing to act on climate change, and highlights transport as pivotal to containing global temperatures. Photo by Metrovía/SIBRT.
New data from 2050 Global Calculator indicates sustainable transport critical to combating climate change
Disclaimer: the calculations below are based on a preliminary, beta version of the Global Calculator. To view and explore the final version of the Calculator, visit Experts predict that a 2 degree Celsius rise in world temperatures could have drastic ...
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Tricycles are a source of air pollution and health hazards in Manila. Photo by digitalpimp.
Cleaning-up the air with electric tricycles in Manila, Philippines
This article was edited on March 22, 2013. With over 3.5 million currently in operation, the motorized tricycle – a close cousin of the ubiquitous motorized rickshaw seen zipping through the streets of India and throughout Southeast Asia – is an icon on ...
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Cities like Chicago have "climate action plans." Photo by Monika Thorpe.
Getting on the Right Track: Real-World Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation
“Transit is the best mitigation strategy for climate change,” said Projjal Dutta from New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to start his discussion on how the agency is adapting to recurring, extreme weather events, during a recent Federal Transit Aministration workshop ...
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