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Jaime Lerner's vision for Curitiba, Brazil, included creating a connected, sustainable city that would be accessible to all. Photo by EMBARQ/Flickr.
Urbanism Hall of Fame: Jaime Lerner – The architect of Curitiba
This is the third entry in the Urbanism Hall of Fame series, exclusive to TheCityFix. This series is intended to inform people about the leading paradigms surrounding sustainable transport and urban planning and the thinkers behind them. By presenting their ...
Online platforms provide citizens with new ways to shape urban development in their own backyard. Photo by Claudio Olivares Medina/Flickr.
Friday Fun: Building the ideal city — citizen participation from the ground up
Many developing world cities are experiencing population explosions at the same time as they face funding gaps and citizen apathy towards government’s ability to make meaningful change. In light of these challenges, BD Promotores Colombia, Prodigy Network, PSFK Labs, world ...
Q & A with Renée van Staveren, founder of Global Site Plans
Q & A with Renée van Staveren, founder of Global Site Plans
“The individuals who travel along their city’s streets are the most responsible for shaping it.” Photo by Robokow. In the field of sustainable design and urban planning, transformation doesn’t happen overnight: it takes time for individual behaviors to change and ...
Brasilia by zelnunes
Brasilia Re-Imagined
Built in the 1950s to showcase some of the world’s leading architects and their futuristic design vision, Brasilia, the federal capital of Brazil,  was designed with imagination,  innovation, and a futuristic urban aesthetic in mind, paved with good intentions. The ...
2012 Environmental Film Festival Showcases Urban Sustainability
2012 Environmental Film Festival Showcases Urban Sustainability
The Environmental Film Festival will take place on March 13-25 in Washington, D.C. This year, the film festival is celebrating 20 years of advancing environmental understanding through the power of film. Since its inauguration in 1993, the film festival has ...
Returning to Gentrification's Forgotten Block
Returning to Gentrification's Forgotten Block
Alex Block has a response up to my Gentrification’s Forgotten Block series (here, here and here) over at his very, very good blog, The City Block. It gets a lot right and a lot wrong, so I want to respond ...
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