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Users wait to board a crowded metro bus. Photo by EMBARQ.
What we want: Users and experts in Latin America on their dream BRT
Users wait to board the crowded Metrobus in Mexico City. Photo by EMBARQ Mexico. Increasing the use of public transport is a hot topic in the urban transportation world, and improving the experience of riding bus rapid transit and metro ...
Bicitec's designs include deep well water pumps, maize degrainers and grinders, blenders, vegetation choppers, and coconut shredders. Photo by Bicitec.
Friday Fun: It’s a bike…no wait, it’s a machine?
Bikes serve different purposes in people’s lives. Most of the time they are used to go places, for exercise and recreation, to transport goods, etc. Sometimes, however, they can be used for more than that. As a testament to how ...
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