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Four women leaders ‘making it happen’ for sustainable cities
Let's honor International Women's Day 2015 - #MakeItHappen
International Women’s Day is on March 8, 2015, and this year’s theme is “Make It Happen.” Nowhere do women make it happen more than they do in cities. In cities all around the world, women are working to improve the ...
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Riding São Paulo’s new 24-hour bus into the sunrise
Sao Paulo's 24 hour bus
For São Paulo, the largest city in the southern hemisphere, making sure that residents have access to reliable transport options at all hours of the day is a particularly acute issue given the size and population of the city. Starting ...
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Friday Fun: How to create tomorrow’s green cities with today’s garbage
Green cities must address garbage and trash with effective waste management strategies
Cities around the world face many challenges to their cleanliness and environmental sustainability, including rising greenhouse gas emissions, unsanitary public spaces, foul odors, growing energy demand, low recycling rates, and limited space. Most people wouldn’t think of trash as a ...
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Mapping the way to safer urban mobility
Open GTFS Visualizations
According to a recent Thomson Reuters Foundation study of the world’s 16 largest metropolitan areas, harassment on public transport is a growing problem for cities worldwide. Nearly 60 percent of the 6,555 women surveyed admitted to having been physically harassed. ...
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The road to safety
India's road to safety
This article was originally published in The Indian Express. As Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, announces a package of assistance on road safety through Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Global Safety Initiative, here is an ugly truth: India has one ...
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The data we need to move beyond streets for cars
Complete streets in Juice de Fora, Brazil
Too many cities currently evaluate their streets in a way that doesn’t support long-term sustainability. The conventional approach centers exclusively on cars, and how quickly they can move up and down streets. Under this approach, a street receives an “A ...
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Six ideas for building cycling culture from the World Bicycle Forum
World Bicycle Forum 2015
Last week, over 4,000 people gathered for the fourth World Bicycle Forum. This citizen-driven event was created by bike activists in Porto Alegre, Brazil after a car plowed through a group of bikers at a critical mass event in March ...
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Lahore’s roads to nowhere
Lahore's urban roads
Lahore, Pakistan is on a dangerous path toward a future of urban highways, underpasses, and flyovers that will eventually suffocate the city. By prioritizing car-centric infrastructure through new development contracts, the city is making traffic congestion, air pollution, and road ...
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Your guide to urban cycling: A Q&A with author Yvonne Bambrick
The Urban Cycling Survival Guide by Yvonne Bambrick
As cities worldwide grow and evolve, so too is the urban landscape changing for cyclists. While congested and chaotic streets still remain a persistent challenge for some cities, many others have recognized the need for robust cycling infrastructure and are ...
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Friday Fun: Open Data Day puts the city back in citizens’ hands
Open Data Day 2015
Here at TheCityFix, we’ve watched the open data movement virtually explode in recent years. Having comprehensive, transparent data allows both civil society and government to utilize critical information to make cities better places to live. On one hand, local governments and ...