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How Mexico City Can Unlock Finance for Retrofitting Public Buildings
How Mexico City Can Unlock Finance for Retrofitting Public Buildings
When it comes to improving energy efficiency in buildings, cities can lead by example to create a big impact. By retrofitting public buildings, cities can demonstrate the benefits of action on energy efficiency and inspire change from within the private ...
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Why Gurgaon’s Car Free Day Can Be a Game Changer for India
Raahgiri Day closes down streets to cars, allowing residents to breathe cleaner air and reclaim the streets for recreation. (Photo: WRI Sustainable Cities)
Ever since its launch in Gurgaon in 2013, Raahgiri Day—an open streets initiative—has become a game changer of sorts. It started as an experiment where community groups and individuals came together with public agencies in Gurgaon to temporarily provide safe ...
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Friday Fun: 3 Cities Transforming How We Think About Bus Stops
To attract new users and stay competitive, cities are beginning to innovate new designs for bus stops. (Photo: Mariana Gil/ WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities)
In the mid-1980s, buses made up nearly 44 percent of all traffic in the Soviet Union, connecting the disparate republics that spanned from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Buses roared into small towns, seemingly in the middle of ...
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How Infill Development Can Help Stop Urban Sprawl
To combat urban sprawl, urban areas--like Mexico City--are using infill development to boost density in urban cores. (Photo: Jorge Martinez/ Flickr)
From October 12 to 14, EMBARQ México will host the XI Cities and Transport International Congress, where decision makers will participate in workshops and discuss how infill development can help Mexico City and other cities achieve a connected, compact, and ...
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Energy Use in Buildings: What’s Culture Got to Do with It?
Encouraging energy efficient behavior in buildings is best accomplished when managers respect local culture. (Photo: Joshua Damasio/ Flickr)
When the March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan caused a series of energy shortages throughout the country, the national government recommended that office buildings cut back on air conditioning during the summer months in order to reduce power usage. Through ...
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Why Mexico Needs to Begin Regulating its Sidewalks
Without federal regulations in place, cities are free to construct sidewalks according to local bylaws, leading to inaccessible and poorly designed sidewalks. (Photo: Runs With Scissors/ Flickr)
From October 12 to 14, EMBARQ México (WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities’ team in Mexico) will host the XI Cities and Transport International Conference, where decision makers will participate in workshops and discuss how infill development can help Mexico ...
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Beyond Mitigation: Planning for Resilience outside India’s Mega-Cities
As India rapidly urbanizes and climate change progresses, coastal villages--like Arnala--struggle to keep traditional industries alive.  (Photo:
Over the last century, India’s landscape has urbanized considerably: the urban population has grown 14 times since 1901, and by 2050 up to 54 percent of India’s population will be urban (ACCCRN). Much of this urban growth is occurring in ...
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Smog One Day, Blue Skies the Next: Beijing Gets a Breath of Fresh Air
Celebrating the 70th anniversary of WWII, Beijing temporarily banned cars from its street and closed factories for a day of clear, perfect skies. (Photo: GreenArcher04/ Flickr)
For the first time in a long time, the color of Beijing’s sky was a perfect azure blue. From August 20 to September 3, the city’s clear sky offered a breath of fresh air for residents, and gave many a ...
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3 Ideas for Overcoming the Challenges Facing Turkey’s Emerging Bike Share
As Turkey's bike share grows, it is facing major hurdles. To overcome these challenges, Turkish cities must foster a cycling culture, create a cycling network, and integrate bike share with other transport modes. (Photo: Benoit Colin/ WRI)
Despite a slow beginning, bike share has become one of the fastest growing trends in urban transport over the past ten years. Indeed, from 2004 to 2014, the number of cities with bike share systems increased from a mere 11 ...
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Friday Fun: Cities Around the Globe Celebrate Car-Free Day
To gain momentum for sustainable transport modes, cities across the globe are celebrating car-free days this week. (Photo: Federation European Cyclists'/ Flickr)
According to the UNEP, an estimated 1 billion people are exposed to outdoor air pollution annually, out of which roughly 1 million die premature deaths. To improve air quality and decrease urban congestion, cities across the world are getting creative: ...