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The Rise of the Urban Energy “Prosumer”
The Rise of the Urban Energy “Prosumer”
An increasingly important actor on India’s urban scene could help reach the ambitious Indian goal of reaching 40 GW of rooftop solar power capacity by 2022. Meet the urban electricity “prosumer,” a consumer of electricity who also produces it and ...
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What Can We Learn from Thailand’s Inclusive Approach to Upgrading Informal Settlements?
Housing along the canals in Bangkok. Photo by Alex Berger/Flickr
Currently, an estimated one billion people worldwide live in informal settlements where they lack access to basic services and infrastructure and are often threatened with forced eviction. While the overall proportion of the world’s urban population living in informal settlements ...
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Financing Sustainable Solutions: What Cities Need to Deliver on COP21 Commitments and Beyond
A view of Rio de Janeiro's Transcarioca Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Corridor. Photo by EMBARQ Brasil/WRI Brasil
Cities are at the forefront of combatting climate change. Many cities and municipal governments and agencies were party to the Paris Agreement reached at COP21 in December, and many have committed to ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals and meaningful climate ...
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How Does Your City Prioritize Energy Efficiency Actions? Participate Now in a New Survey!
Photo by Brendan Corey Benson/Flickr.
Are you involved with decision making, operations or investments in the buildings and real estate sector? If the answer is yes, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities invites you to please share your insights in a survey designed to expand ...
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Pioneering Open Government Innovations in São Paulo and Austin with the OGP Subnational Pilot Program
Sao Paulo, Brazil. Photo by Gabriela Sakamoto/Flickr.
Cities are where real progress is made for sustainable development. They’re where governments are closest to their citizens and where essential public services like education, health and transport are delivered to people. However, with this proximity comes a responsibility for ...
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C40 Financing Sustainable Cities Forum & Workshop
Forum location: Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Camila Uchoa
Global leaders in city finance met in Rio de Janeiro on 5 April 2016 for the first-of-its-kind global forum to accelerate the financing of climate action in cities. The C40 Financing Sustainable Cities Forum brought together over 130 representatives from ...
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4 Surprising Ways Energy-Efficient Buildings Benefit Cities
Building efficiency offers benefits to cities. Photo by Hsiuan Boyen/Flickr
Urbanization presents major challenges: congestion, sprawl, inefficiency, health hazards and high cost of living, just to name a few. But the choices we make for our cities can transform these challenges into opportunities: mobility, connectivity, economies of scale, healthier lifestyles ...
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A New Coalition Will Prove Sustainable Cities Are Better for Growth, Better for Climate
A view of the Mumbai Skyline. Photo Credit: Visphot/Flickr
Cities are all about efficiency. It’s why they exist: to allow easy access to jobs, goods, services and ideas. However, in many countries, new and expanding cities are sprawling, car-dependent and uncoordinated – a set-up that’s not only inefficient, but ...
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Delhi’s Air Quality Crisis: Lessons from Beijing, Mexico and Bogotá
Delhi, India. Photo by Andrew Kadis/Flickr
With 26 million inhabitants, Delhi’s metropolitan area is the fifth largest in the world. But the city also has terrible air quality, with an annual average particulate matter 15 times the recommendation of the World Health Organization. Air pollution is ...
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TheCityFix Is Looking for a Writing and Editing Intern!
TheCityFix, produced by EMBARQ, is now accepting applications for a full-time writer and blogger in its Washington, DC headquarters. Are you up for the challenge? Photo by Sam Grover/Flickr.
Are you passionate about creating sustainable, thriving cities? Do you have the skills to translate complex, technical material into compelling content for an engaged online community? Do you want to work for a top-tier environment and global development research organization? ...