New Report: “Easing Off the Gas” in the U.S. Northwest
An (almost) empty Seattle Viaduct. People in the Northwest have been using less gas -- and driving less -- over the past 10 years. Photo by Slightlynorth.
A new report from the Sightline Institute shows that people in the Northwest states — Oregon, Washington and Idaho — are consuming less gasoline, riding more public transit and driving less than before, indicating a shift in the transportation patterns ...
Caution! Strip Mall and Big Box Retailer Ahead!
Caution! Strip Mall and Big Box Retailer Ahead!
Strip malls need a makeover. Not just to look prettier, but to be safer and more accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and other people on the street. Photo by Dean Terry. On the beauty spectrum of community design, nothing’s uglier than ...
People Still Moving to D.C.
United Van Lines truck from 1956. Photo by Roadsidepictures.
The D.C. blogs have all been posting this factoid from the United Van Lines company: 63.6% of its moves in the District were inbound, making only 36.4% of its moves outbound. That’s the most inbound moves of any state, with ...
Is There Evidence Against BRT Sparking Development?
Downtown Bogota and the TransMilenio BRT. Photo by rutlo.
This is a serious question, but can any of the folks who get so upset with arguments for BRT point me to any resources showing that high-investment BRT—Bogota, not Houston—with physically separated right-of-ways and permanent-seeming stations and the rest, do ...
Holland's Female Walk Signs
Green means "Go!" for men and women in Holland. Photo via
The Dutch town of Haarlem has walk and don’t walk signs that are women instead of men. We should too. Not only is it important on gender grounds—those little walking people are just one more place where ungendered turns out ...
The Metropolitan City and the Parochial City: Two Visions of Urbanism
Ben's Chili Bowl on U Street. Photo by dbking.
The Post’s article about how U Street residents are beginning to get tired of the increasing noise of their neighborhood. My first reaction was basically the same as Ryan Avent and BeyondDC’s, that it’s hardly as if these residents didn’t ...
Putting the Public in Public Transit
A shared moment on the Metro. Photo by bootbearwdc.
When we say “public transit,” we mean public in the sense that the government—actually usually a quasi-governmental special authority—runs the transit. I think it’s time to reclaim the other meaning of public transit. This is transit as a space where ...
Is San Francisco Getting Performance Parking or Not?
Parking in San Francisco - about to get even harder? Photo by Marcin Wichary.
Greater Greater Washington is reporting that performance parking may be coming to San Francisco, but I’m not sure it’s quite so clear. For those who don’t know, performance parking is basically the idea that you want to price parking more ...
Yes, We Can Learn From The Developing World; or, Keeping an Open Mind About BRT
A Transmilenio bus rolls smoothly into Bogota. Photo by adrimcm.
I hate to do another round on BRT with The Overhead Wire, but I can’t help myself. It’s an important discussion, particularly with BRT gaining momentum in D.C. The latest discussion started with Streetsblog making what seems like a very ...
Deeds Offers Smart Growth, McDonnell Offers Details
State Senator Creigh Deeds. Photo from Wikimedia.
Now that there’s significantly more information available than