Highlights from TheCityFix DC
Highlights from TheCityFix DC
A few highlights from our TheCityFix DC site-if you’re not reading it regularly, you’re missing out: LEED Neighborhood Development Wants You to Build More More More: Why doesn’t LEED-ND certify already existing neighborhoods? It’s one more example of green consumerism, ...
Being Right Doesn't Get You That Far
Smart growth advocates could learn a thing or two from The Prince. Flickr photo by jamesmelzer.
What more can be said about I-270? David Alpert is calling it Gaithersbungle: the Montgomery County Planning Department has decided to spend $3.8 billion widening the highway to a truly massive 12 lanes. Then they’re spending $450 million on a ...
On Why I Need to Move into the City, or How Suburban Transit Failed Me
Out in Germantown, it’s hard to find your way home without a car. Flickr photo by taberandrew.
Americans are spending less time in roadway congestion on their commutes to work, according to the 2009 Urban Mobility Report published today by the Texas Transportation Institute. On average, “travelers spend one hour less stuck in traffic in 2007 than ...
Links Links Links
Links Links Links
Some things I’ve been reading but don’t have much to say about. I think they speak for themselves, but have quite a lot to say. A quote and a link for each:
Hikers and Bikers: Beware of ‘Gators!
Hikers and Bikers: Beware of ‘Gators!
Forwarded to us from EMBARQ Senior Fellow Lee Schipper:
LEED Neighborhood Development Wants You to Build More More More
Can you construct your way to a green neighborhood? Photo by Dean Terry.
For the real nerds among you, go read Kaid Benfield’s 3-part series about the changes in the LEED Neighborhood Development criteria from their pilot program here, here, and here. It’s deep in the weeds—how do you define buildable land for ...
Uncovering The Militarized City
Flickr photo by MatthewBradley.
I keep thinking about this story. It’s not a particularly important one: DDOT used the July 4th fireworks to test their Fast Forward program, which allows for very quick movement out of the city by leaving outbound green lights up ...
Fares and Fairness
Good for one fare - but how good is that? A fair question. Flickr photo by SliceofNYC.
Treehugger has a post up by Alex Pasternack asking “What makes a fare fair?” It’s quite a good question, though I think that it’s one that Treehugger does a poor job of actually asking. Pasternack essentially argues that a price ...
Hikers and Bikers: Beware of 'Gators!
Forwarded to us from EMBARQ Senior Fellow Lee Schipper:
NRDC's Smarter Cities and D.C.'s Coal Power
Why is sprawling Phoenix greener than D.C.?
If you haven’t seen it yet, let me be the first to recommend NRDC’s new Smarter Cities site. It’s quite good. I’ve been a big fan of their writers, particularly Kaid Benfield, for a while, and so I’m really happy ...