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More on Apps: The Bike Doctor For Your Phone
A screenshot of the iphone app.
Are computers and technology making us smarter or stripping us of our ability to solves problems on our own? With a new smartphone app for the Android and iPhone, called BikeDoctor, you can tap a button and diagnose an issue ...
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TheCityFix Picks, October 8: U.S. Transportation Spending, Roadway Traffic Constraint, Spanish Quick-Charge Buses
A researcher in Iowa has developed a "clean asphalt" made from plant and wood derivatives. Photo by Ryan O'Shea.
Welcome back to TheCityFix Picks, our series highlighting the newsy and noteworthy of the past week. Each Friday, we’ll run down the headlines falling under TheCityFix’s five themes: mobility, quality of life, environment, public space, and technology and innovation. Mobility ...
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Personal Rapid Transit in Unexpected Places
Morgantown's PRT, or as some would like to say, "GRT." Photo by Sean Marshall.
Morgantown, West Virginia, home of West Virginia University (WVU),  is a metropolitan area of a bit more than 110,000 residents (add an additional 30,000 to account for the student population.)  It’s hilly, lush and deep in Appalachia, nestled among forested ...
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Can Pop Culture Push Sustainable Mobility?
This photo appeared in The New York Times profile of "Mad Men" TV actor Vincent Kartheiser.
Popular culture shapes our lives in countless ways, both directly and subconsciously.  Since Leave It to Beaver, American popular culture has been deeply rooted in car-centered suburbia.  That may be changing. There was a time when being car-less was tantamount ...
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From Periphery to Center: Does Bike Redistribution Work?
Photo by The Transport Politic
The Transport Politic‘s Yonah Freemark has been writing recently about the efficiency of bikesharing models that major cities around the world have been adopting. He focuses on the issue of redistribution. Bikesharing systems have opened in cities, such as Denver, Co.; ...
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On the Road Conveniences for Bike Riders
AAA moves to biker assistance in Oregon and Idaho. Photo by Jonathan Maus.
About a year ago, AAA, announced that it’s long-time car-only roadside assistance plan will now feature services for roadside bicycles in Oregon and Idaho.  AAA, a 50 million member n0n-profit auto lobbying group founded in 1902, is a federation of 51 ...
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Friday Fun: Mapping Bloggers and Public Transportation
NYC Bloggers map. You can click a subway stop and find all the bloggers in the vicinity.
Maps are an important tool for visualizing data and space. New York City is blessed with one of the most comprehensive and well-designed maps of public transportation and biking.  The city is also home to a highly educated population, which ...
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Next Stop? Crowdsourced Bus Shelters
Image of the intersection in Salt Lake City via google maps.
We’ve written about crowdsourcing contests to build a better suburb, choose better bikesharing locations, and design a better car. Now, Next Stop Design, a collaborative project based in Utah, is soliciting ideas and designs from the public to build a ...
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Time to Celebrate Walk to School Day!
Students in Oak Park, Ill. take over the sidewalks for 2009 Walk to School Day. Photo by Cinzia Segal.
October is International Walk to School Month, a worldwide effort to promote physical activity and pedestrian safety. And today is 2010 Walk to School Day in the United States, where more than 3,000 schools have already registered their event, ranging from “walking ...
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New Report: Cities “Driven Apart” by Sprawl
Highway traffic outside of Chicago.
A new report by CEOs for Cities analyzes transportation in 51 major U.S. cities, with an emphasis on land use patterns and community design, calling into question the highway-oriented industry standard for measuring congestion created by the Texas Transportation Institute’s annual Urban ...