Learning Livability Locally: New PBS Series Imagines Future of American Communities
What does "livability" look like across America? A new PBS series -- "Livable Future: Local Solutions" -- will help answer this question. Above: artistic rendering of Boston's Fairmount Line Corridor. Image via fta.dot.gov.
Wanna learn what livability looks like? Stay tuned to PBS. This summer, ten PBS partner stations are reporting on how transportation solutions at the local, state and national level can “create more equitable, convenient, greener, cleaner and healthier communities.”
Amman: An Organized City with a Soul
Facing "Dubaification" a few years back, officials and planners in Amman decided to take the city in a different direction, protecting its historic vistas while boosting residents' sense of community. Image via Roobee.
“A livable city is an organized city with a soul.” That’s the principle behind Amman, Jordan’s, “Amman 2025″ master plan (PDF). And the city is moving closer and closer to achieving its vision of livability, in spite of the odds. ...
Mayoral Bike to Work Day?
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa broke his elbow while cyclist last weekend when a car abruptly pulled into his bike lane. Photo via DailyBreeze.com.
Last weekend, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa experienced firsthand why city cyclists are constantly complaining about disrespectful drivers on the streets. Villaraigosa, who began to actively promote biking in L.A. after attending the Copenhagen climate conference in December, was out ...
Transport and Inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean
Poor transit options can perpetuate cycles of inequality in Latin America. Improvements in public transit -- with BRT systems like Bogota's TransMilenio, pictured above -- can help poor people break this cycle. Photo via Gerard :-[.
Last week, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) released its first Human Development Report for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The report, “Acting On The Future: Breaking The Intergenerational Cycle Of Inequality” (PDF in Spanish), focuses on policies that ...
TheCityFix Picks, July 23: Greek, U.S. Transport in Disrepair; Hot Air is Poor Air; Chinese Carbon; Roads Ground to Gravel
Several rural communities across the United States avoid the high cost of repaving roads by ripping them up. Photo by ben matthews :::
Welcome back to TheCityFix Picks, our series highlighting the newsy and noteworthy of the past week. Each Friday, we’ll run down the headlines falling under TheCityFix’s five themes: mobility, quality of life, environment, public space, and technology and innovation. Mobility ...
Life in the Bike Lane: New York City
Cycling is the fastest-growing way to get around NYC. Image via Jaszek PL.
As WNYC highlighted on Thursday, cycling is the fastest-growing way to get around New York City.  In 2008, the city added a record 90 miles of bike lanes — bringing the total to 420 miles — and passed the Bicycle Access ...
Shanghai’s 2010 World Expo Exposes Challenges for China’s Cities
The China Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo: What does it say about the future of Chinese cities? Photo by lee_blake_somerset.
Cities in China are “becoming ever less habitable,” and their future will depend on an “urban awakening” that includes the Chinese government’s support of public participation in urban planning and decision-making, says Zhang Song, a professor at Tongji University’s College ...
New York Subway Getting Wired
A plan to bring WiFi and cellular service to NYC's subway system is back on track. Photo via NY Daily News.
New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has been testing Wi-Fi technology and cellular service in its subway system for a few years now. And back in 2007, the city made a deal with Transit Wireless to wire all of ...
Friday Fun: People on Public Transit Illustrated
Public transit can provide great opportunities for artists to capture people going places. Drawing by Aurora Andrews.
In case you haven’t seen it, Flickr has a fantastic public group called People on Public Transit; it features – you guessed it — people riding public transit all around the world. But illustrations of people on public transit can often capture ...
London Shifts into Bike-Share Gear
A new bike share system in London adds momentum to a two-wheel revolution in cities around the world. Image via Barclays.com.
Just after officially opening two of twelve planned “Barclay’s Cycle Superhighways,” London is now just days away from launching its new bike share system. The system, called Barclay’s Cycle Hire (at this point, the sponsor has become obvious, right?), will ...