Yes, We Can Learn From The Developing World; or, Keeping an Open Mind About BRT
A Transmilenio bus rolls smoothly into Bogota. Photo by adrimcm.
I hate to do another round on BRT with The Overhead Wire, but I can’t help myself. It’s an important discussion, particularly with BRT gaining momentum in D.C. The latest discussion started with Streetsblog making what seems like a very ...
Deeds Offers Smart Growth, McDonnell Offers Details
State Senator Creigh Deeds. Photo from Wikimedia.
Now that there’s significantly more information available than
Parlor Game: Where Should Sotomayor Live?
Macdougal Street in Greenwich Village. Photo by Valentinian.
I hadn’t noticed this fun parlor game of an article in Sunday’s Post: “Where Should Sonia Sotomayor Live?” It’s really further proof, along with good restaurants, that D.C. is becoming more like New York; we talk about real estate! Unfortunately, ...
Why Do Drivers Get Mad at Bikers?
I bet that drivers in Portland are happier too. Photo by
Sarah Goodyear asks a good question: “What is it about bicycles that drives some motorists so crazy?” Her answer is that while yes, bikes do sometimes slow down cars, she “sometimes think[s] that drivers hate on bicyclists so much because, ...
Can D.C. Learn from New York's Success?
New York was doing well even when we had a zeppelin-based economy. Photo by riptheskull.
There is something distinctive about living in New York; over eight million other people are doing it – Don Herold. Ed Glaeser has another of his very smart, well-informed, but entirely frustrating columns up, this time at Forbes. Glaeser is ...
Holland's Female Walk Signs
Green means "Go!" for men and women in Holland. Photo via
The Dutch town of Haarlem has walk and don’t walk signs that are women instead of men. We should too. Not only is it important on gender grounds—those little walking people are just one more place where ungendered turns out ...
Bob McDonnell's Transportation Plan Is No Good for NoVa
Attorney General Bob McDonnell. Photo via Wikimedia.
Bob McDonnell’s plan for fixing transportation in Virginia (am I the only one who is consistently surprised when transportation is one of the most important issues there?) seems to consist of only tolls and  more highway spending. Moreover, these don’t ...
The Odd Professional Congestion Consensus
Beltway traffic. Flickr photo by derang0.
Dr. Gridlock received an e-mail with a set of suggestions for how to reduce congestion in downtown D.C. He responds by giving his own list, which basically consists of enforcing double-parking laws, not building more parking downtown and then implementing ...
Virginia and Maryland Leave Ad Money on the Table
Why arent we charging Taco Bell for advertising? Flickr photo by stevendamron.
Ohio’s got a big plan to pay for its share of a new rail line from Cleveland through Columbus to Cincinnati, and it’s one of those things you just can’t believe doesn’t already exist.. According to the AP, they’ve renegotiated ...
D.C. Wireless Hotspot Map
D.C. Wireless Hotspot Map
I just learned, via DCist, that the District offers a map of all the city-operated WiFi hotspots around town. Good for them. I can imagine this being extremely useful to people looking for a place to work for an hour ...