New Report: Biking and Walking Could Save Lives
"Increasing investment in biking and walking could lead to more people biking and walking. The more people bike and walk, the safer it is and the healthier the community. It’s a virtuous cycle," says Jeff Miller, President of the Alliance for Biking & Walking. Photo by suburbandk.
A “lack of investment in biking and walking could be contributing to higher traffic fatalities and chronic disease rates in the U.S.,” according to a new report released today by the Alliance for Biking & Walking. Here are some of ...
Back to Bicycling Basics in Beijing
To address continued air pollution and traffic congestion woes, Beijing is harkening back to its days as the "bicycle kingdom" and introducing policies to encourage more cycling. Photo by Dave-Gray.
According to The Guardian, 20 years ago, four out of five Beijing residents pedaled around China’s capital in some of the world’s best bike lanes.  However, this number has decreased as private car ownership has gone up. From 1995 to 2005, China’s ...
Blogging from TRB: More Prep for a Performance-Based Reauthorization
TRB panelists discussed how to put pieces in place for the reauthorization of the U.S. transportation bill. Photo by woodleywonderworks.
Talk of the reauthorization of the federal transportation bill, and how to prepare for it, permeated this year’s Transportation Research Board meeting. (See what we’ve wrote about it before here.)  As a follow-up to a session on visions for performance-based ...
The Next Big Challenge: Latent Demands for Personal Transport Ready to Explode
Evening rush hour traffic outside the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai. Photo by Vikas Hotwani.
Rising income levels means paving way to latent aspirations of a rising consumer class. A positive change indeed, but is our infrastructure equipped for the latest additions?
Blogging from TRB: Carshare, Bikeshare, We All Care for Vehicle Share!
Bikesharing programs, like SmartBike in Washington, D.C., are a hot topic at TRB's Annual Meeting. Photo by Hugger Industries.
One of the most interesting sessions I attended on my first day of the TRB annual meeting outlined current research on market shares and modal impacts of carsharing and bike sharing. Elliot Martin and his fellow researchers from the University ...
State of the Union: Billions of Dollars for High-Speed Rail, But What About Other Modes of Transport?
In April 2009, Obama announced his plans for a national high-speed rail master plan. Photo by Center for Neighborhood Technology.
Last night, President Obama delivered his first State of the Union address, announcing that Florida will receive $1 billion for a high-speed rail line (running between Tampa and Orlando.) In total, 13 major corridors will receive $8 billion in stimulus ...
U.S. Stimulus “Jobs Bill” Signals Major Opportunity to Improve Safety and Save Money
All you need is paint and permission to make roads safer for bicyclists  Photo by
By mandating or incentivizing Fix it First and transit projects, the Jobs Bill can create more jobs, save lives and alleviate fiscal constraints on communities
Blogging from TRB: Introducing the USDOT Leadership
Peter Rogoff, FTA Administrator, teases Cynthia Quarterman, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administrator, for arriving late to the panel because she was stuck in traffic and didn’t use public transportation. Photo by Megan McConville.
Last Thursday, attendees of the Transportation Research Board’s annual meeting had the unique opportunity to “meet the USDOT leadership.” A panel of administrators and deputy administrators of DOT’s various sub-agencies presented their priorities and plans for the coming years.  Speakers ...
Blogging from TRB: Performance-Based Funding Systems in the United States
Will re-authorization of the U.S. federal aid program for surface transportation be performance-based? Photo by Michael McDonough.
A highlight of yesterday’s TRB sessions was a panel discussion on the performance-based funding system that is widely expected to be included in reauthorization of the federal transportation bill. There is a growing consensus that in order to justify higher ...
Blogging from TRB: Calling All Transportation Wonks!
Not too far from TRB's Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. is an Acela train leaving from Union Station. Will these become the norm across the country? Photo by thisisbossi.
The Transportation Research Board, a part of the operating arm of the National Academies, is now having its annual meeting in Washington, DC, an event which attracts 10,000 transportation professionals from around the world to 3,000 presentations on topics from ...