Montgomery County’s Mixed-Use Zoning Proposal Gets Mixed Reception
The areas around the White Flint metro would fall within the proposed commercial-residential zone, which aims to create mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods. Photo by M.V. Jantzen.
Earlier this week, the Montgomery County Council endorsed revisions to its zoning code that would include a proposed mixed-use zone. The Council is expected to approve the changes next week. In an effort to update the zoning system to create ...
Pedestrians Still Struggling with Snow
Snow removal priorities are called into question when students must walk to school in the road two weeks after the snowstorms.  Photo: WTOP.
For many of us, memories of Snowmageddon and Snoverkill are fading along with the melting snow.  But the region’s recent snowstorms are still affecting the lives of pedestrians in Columbia, Maryland.  Even worse, these pedestrians are schoolkids who are being ...
Mumbai Joins Other World-Class Cities to Celebrate “Car Free Day”
In addition to rollerskating, children were seen biking, running, walking and playing along car-free streets, far from pollution and air-conditioning. Photo by Madhav Pai.
Last Sunday, Mumbai hosted a local event with global importance: Car Free Day. It was the first time the city had ever organized such an event, modeled after popular car-free days in other cities, such as Ciclovia in Bogotá and ...
Envisioning a Car-Free Mumbai
Corporate supporters, such as Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd, set up booths along the road to cater to the event participants. Photo by Madhav Pai.
Last Sunday, 140,000 Mumbaikers showed up on Bandra’s Carter Road to celebrate their city’s first-ever Car Free Day.  The Khar-Bandra-Santacruz Foundation organized the event, with co-sponsors including the Pirojsha Godrej Foundation, EMBARQ (producer of this blog) and other corporate and ...
Snow Removal Best Practices: The Right Path
Does your snowy city pay adequate attention to the needs of pedestrians and transit users when the white stuff is falling?  Montreal uses mini-plows, above, to clear sidewalks.  Photo: sfllaw, Flickr.
The Washington, D.C. metro area has the second highest percentage of public transit commuters in the United States, behind only New York City. Many of those riders walk to the Metro or the bus, and 89,000 other commuters walk to ...
Mexico City Launches Ecobici Bike-Sharing Program
Mexico City Launches Ecobici Bike-Sharing Program
Last week, Mexico City came a couple steps closer to reducing the 5 million vehicles that pass through it each day with the launch of its new bike sharing program, Ecobici. The Federal District’s Head of Government, Marcelo Ebrard; Mexico ...
UPCOMING EVENT: “Steps Toward a Car Free Sunday” Study Tour of Guadalajara
Every Sunday, Guadalajara shuts down its streets to let cyclists, pedestrians and other residents enjoy car-free conditions, in an event known as Via RecreActiva. Photo by
8-80 Cities, a Canadian nonprofit (formerly known as Walk & Bike for Life), is hosting a three-day “study tour” of Guadalajara, Mexico on March 13-15, 2010 to show municipal leaders from around the world how to start their own Car ...
On the Road Again: Driving Decline Ends
Economic recovery is good, but increased driving and congestion is not.  How can we have both at the same time?  Photo: Atwater Village Newbie, flickr.
It’s official – the historic decline in driving we’ve seen for the past two years has ended. From 2007 up to a few months ago, the economic crisis and high gas prices combined to produce some of the largest decreases ...
Moving through the Recession, Part 2: Service Cuts Continue
Transit service cuts are affecting riders across the country, and show no signs of slowing.  Photo: Environmental Defense Fund blog.
This is the second installment of TheCityFix’s series Moving through the Recession, which explores how the worldwide economic slowdown has impacted transportation systems and users locally, nationally and internationally.
Measuring the Olympic Legacy
One positive legacy of the Vancouver Olympics may be the Olympic Line Streetcar, operating as a demonstration project in downtown. Photo by DianeWorth, flickr.
As we previously posted, Vancouver’s preparations to host the Winter Olympics involved constructing green venues, implementing several transportation projects and offsetting some emissions. The Games’ legacy will be the cumulative economic, social and environmental impacts of all of the construction, ...