Blogging from TRB: Calling All Transportation Wonks!
Not too far from TRB's Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. is an Acela train leaving from Union Station. Will these become the norm across the country? Photo by thisisbossi.
The Transportation Research Board, a part of the operating arm of the National Academies, is now having its annual meeting in Washington, DC, an event which attracts 10,000 transportation professionals from around the world to 3,000 presentations on topics from ...
Rethinking Public Participation for Smart Growth
Madison, WI is not afraid of density. Flickr photo from RethinkCollegePark.
In an interview conducted by Builder Magazine (via, American New Urbanist Andrés Duany, co-author of the recently released Smart Growth Manual, argues that public participation is one of the greatest impediments to smart growth. From the interview: “If you ...
New Year’s Resolutions for Cities: 10 Keys to Sustainability Planning Success
New Year's Eve in Melbourne, Australia. Photo by mugley.
Any serious New Year’s resolution requires a plan. But a mayor’s pledge to make his city more sustainable takes a lot more planning effort than your vow to drop 10 pounds. Crafting a comprehensive sustainability plan, even without procrastination, can ...
2010 Sustainable Transport Awards: Nominees Announced
Recognized for its new Macrobus BRT system, Guadalajara is one of the nominees for the 2010 Sustainable Transport Award. Photo by itdp.
Last year, New York City became the first U.S. city to win the 2009 Sustainable Transport Award. As reported on, the city was recognized for its significant transport reforms, as a continuation of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s PlaNYC 2030, a ...
New Report: Climate Instruments in the Transport Sector (CITS)
Little car, big statement, on the streets of Copenhagen. Photo by
Copenhagen’s COP-15 meeting came and went, and now, it’s down to the details of figuring out how to implement the commitments and plans for action. A new draft report about the applicability of post-2012 instruments to the transport sector was ...
TheCityFix Guide to Communication & Mobility @ TRB’s Annual Meeting
Google Maps in Chicago
We at TheCityFix and EMBARQ are especially excited about all of the activity around this topic of communication and sustainable mobility and for anyone attending this year’s TRB Annual Meeting we have put together a list of sessions that should not be missed...
WANTED: Social Media Intern
WANTED: Social Media Intern
EMBARQ – The WRI Center for Sustainable Transport is looking for a full-time, 12-week blogger to engage in social media outreach and manage digital content. Available to start as soon as possible, the position is located in EMBARQ’s Washington, D.C. ...
Major U.S. Conservation Incentive to Expire in Two Days!
The Big Sur Land Trust announced earlier this month that they recieved a donated conservation easement on the 1,107-acre Colinas Ranch outside of Salinas, CA. The landowner was able to take advantage of a federal tax incentrive set to expire at the end of the year.
The Land Trust Alliance (LTA), a major champion of land conservation and coalition of U.S. land trusts, is reporting the imminent expiration of one of the most significant incentives for the private donation of conservation easements, a tool that permanently ...
Big Ideas: Kill the Cul-De-Sac and Build Bicycle Highways
Big Ideas: Kill the Cul-De-Sac and Build Bicycle Highways
The New York Times’ Ninth Annual Year in Ideas report highlighted two great initiatives related to urban design and sustainability: Virginia Governor Tim Kaine’s strategy to kill the cul-de-sac and Copenhagen’s “bicycle highway” initiative. The Cul-de-sac Ban The cul-de-sac has ...
Curbing Ticketless Travel to Bring Profits to Public Transport
Traffic police help guide the flow of road traffic. Now if we could just solve overcrowding on trains... Photo by calamur.
Millions of people ride Mumbai's trains every day. However, a large number of them don't pay for their services. Adequate steps to curb the habit is vital for profits, and hence, the transport system's long-term development.