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Latin America’s Bus Rapid Transit Boom Offers Lessons for the U.S.
The Cleveland HealthLine is a great example of BRT in the United States, spurring billions of dollars of investment along the corridor. But how come not many people know about it? Photo by Center for Neighborhood Technology.
Bus rapid transit (BRT) is often the most feasible, quickly implemented and cost-effective way to improve mobility in the United States, concluded a distinguished panel of transport experts at this morning’s event at The Brookings Institution, “Latin America’s Bus Rapid ...
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The Transport Network? Facebook Ponders Urban Design
Facebook is about to get a new home. Photo by Phil Dokas.
Tomorrow, Facebook is hosting a “design charrette,” inviting more than 100 architects and other design professionals to engage in a fast-paced, collaborative planning session to envision infrastructure upgrades to areas surrounding Facebook’s new campus. The company announced on Tuesday that it ...
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Friday Fun: Sub City New York
Friday Fun: Sub City New York
It’s a universal experience for metro riders: the feeling of emerging from the underground, somewhat disoriented and bleary-eyed, until you find your way. Filmmakers Sarah Klein and Tom Mason of Redglass Pictures, a New York-based production studio, capture the essence of transit ...
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Pune’s Metro Rail Moves Forward, Faces Roadblocks Ahead
Pune is trying to find solutions for its heavily congested streets. Photo by Ted.
The Maharashtra Government approved the Pune Metro Rail a couple of weeks ago, but critics are still concerned about whether or not the project is a suitable solution for Pune’s traffic problems. Last month, the Pune Municipal Corporation’s initial enthusiasm ...
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Motorist Plows Through Cyclists in Porto Alegre
After running over dozens of cyclists, the driver abandoned his vehicle. Photo via Zero Hora.
A motorist sped through a crowd of cyclists in Porto Alegre, Brazil last Friday evening, injuring at least 15 people and sending several others to the hospital. The victims were participating in a monthly Critical Mass event to raise awareness ...
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Research Recap, March 7: Location Efficiency, Oil-Free Transport, Highway Wear and Tear, Ramping Up Rail
Energy savings are greatest in transit-oriented neighborhoods where people live in green homes and drive green automobiles. Graph by Environmental Protection Agency.
Welcome to “Research Recap,” our series highlighting recent reports, studies and other findings in sustainable transportation policy and practice, in case you missed it. SMART GROWTH + GREEN TECH = ENERGY EFFICIENCY “Housing type and location, along with energy-use features ...
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Will Blog for Food
Journalist Jonna McKone will continue to interview people for radio and print. Photo by Nicole Cohen.
A farewell message from Jonna McKone, our fall/winter full-time blogger… It’s been great blogging for TheCityFix. I’ve most enjoyed communicating with our readers, covering events here in Washington, D.C.,  interviewing experts from EMBARQ (the producer of this blog) and other ...
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TheCityFix Picks, March 4: Rea Vaya Impresses, Transport is Health, Dutch Design Superbus
Is this the bus of the future? Photo via Superbus Project.
Welcome back to TheCityFix Picks, our series highlighting the newsy and noteworthy of the past week. Each Friday, we’ll run down the headlines falling under TheCityFix’s five themes: mobility, quality of life, environment, public space, and technology and innovation. Mobility ...
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Environmental Film Festival Showcases Sustainable Cities
Image via Environmental Film Festival.
We’ve written before about how video can be a powerful tool for environmental change. This year’s 19th Annual Environmental Film Festival, held in Washington, D.C., presents 150 films from 40 countries “that will deepen our understanding of the relationship between ...
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Honesty in Transit Marketing: Deliver on Your Promises
The Minnesota Valley Transit Authoritywrapped 10 buses in a clever "Bus 2.0" livery to publicize new intelligent transport system (ITS) technologies. Photo via EMBARQ.
Today’s information-rich world enables city dwellers to share experiences on public transport faster than any transit agency could ever hope to publish a press release, develop a marketing campaign, or hold a news conference. An agency’s brand and message can ...