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Will Blog for Food
Journalist Jonna McKone will continue to interview people for radio and print. Photo by Nicole Cohen.

Journalist Jonna McKone will continue to interview people for radio and print. Photo by Nicole Cohen.

A farewell message from Jonna McKone, our fall/winter full-time blogger…

It’s been great blogging for TheCityFix. I’ve most enjoyed communicating with our readers, covering events here in Washington, D.C.,  interviewing experts from EMBARQ (the producer of this blog) and other awesome folks like “immersion journalist” Ted Conover. For better or worse, I’ve also gotten in the weeds, spending way too much time reading reports and hashing out ideas that never made it onto the blog.

I can only humbly hope you’ve found some of my research, interviews and investigations interesting. I’ve tried to write about the link between social justice and urban development, as well as how mobility impacts culture, whether that means fostering new dialogues in research and data collection, learning about how transport affects access to food, looking at mega-construction projects in India like metrorail and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link, or exploring how pilgrimages take shape in the world’s most massive cities.

I’ve also enjoyed writing a series of posts on the future of sustainable urban mobility, as well as a few city profiles, “Cities in Flux.” I’ve tried to cover the unexpected, like “pop-up” spacesiconography and maps, my undergrad college’s bikeshare system, female-only trains and Latino New Urbanism.

I am off to freelance in radio and print journalism. I will continue to work on multimedia production and reporting and expand my own small farming business. Feel free to drop me a line at ( I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading and that you chose to bike, walk or ride public transportation whenever possible.

Hopefully, you’ll find an occassional post of mine up on the Web!

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  • Hey Jonna –

    Sorry to see you go. It’s always nice to read a familiar voice. Look forward to seeing where you head next!

  • Thanks, Ethan. I appreciate the complement. Hope things at Project for Public Spaces are going well.

  • Thanks Jonna! We really enjoyed your posts. Some of the best posts I’ve read over the last year.