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Treehugger: Top 5 Greenest Cities

Portland, Oregon is often seen as a sustainable transport success story. Photo by Ben Amstutz.

Last week, Treehugger published its list of the world’s top five “greenest” cities to visit, based on…well, the author’s judgment.

1) Portland, Oregon, USA
2) Freiburg, Germany
3) Zermatt, Switzerland
4) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
5) Austin, Texas, USA

To read the rationale for choosing each city, click here.

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  • one time in past i was in montreal and what i´ve seen were vergy good. wonderfull city.

  • I live in and love Montreal but this has got to be a mistake. We seem to continue to remove green space from the Island and are procrastinating on transit issues and most big projects get called green but are really just shrubs and grass window dressing. I wish we were in the top5!