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Cleveland's 'Healthline' – the Newest BRT in the USA
Flickr photo from bankbryan.

The Healthline in Clevand, Ohio. Flickr photo from bankbryan.

After years of planning, the new Euclid Ave. Healthline has opened in Cleveland, Ohio. The project showcases a relative low cost alternative for cities looking for ways to improve accessibility. The Healthline joins a growing list of BRT systems in the United States and North America.

More news on the new line:

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  • Rodger James Sillars

    In 1955 an express bus without any fancy stuff covered the end to end route of the health line one minute slower than the current Health Line. In that era congestion in this corridor was much worse. One quarter billion is not a low cost alternative. I like BRT, but this implementation is prabaly a good case study of how NOT to do BRT. The riders like the newness, but complain about al sorts of the ways it has been implemented.

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