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The City of the Future

Dan Koff, a friend of mine from college, recently passed this video along that his brother put together about a futuristic neighborhood in Sweden. The city is walkable and mass transit friendly and uses a neat waste treatment system. Don’t mind the ad at the beginning of the video.

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  • we’re from the scott sutherland school of architecture in aberdeen scotland, currently designing a master plan near the commonwealth games area in glasgow, we find that this post really help us in knowing and understanding more about what future city needs, our brief was to propose a new 21st century settlement in the site, if you have time, drop by our blog, to get an idea of what we’re doing in relation to this post. many thanks!


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  • The Swedes are also way ahead in considering personal rapid transit (PRT) a form of automated transit that is electrically powered and uses one third the energy per passenger mile of trains and buses. PRT will enable the carbon-neutral city of Masdar in the UAE to also be automobile- and bus-free. Visit to learn more about PRT.

  • Erica Schlaikjer

    Thanks for watching!

    I checked out your blog – looks good. If you’re ever interested in contributing to TheCityFix about innovative solutions for urban mobility in Canada, let us know!


  • Thanks for the comment, Dave. What they do with waste in the city is simply amazing. Think of just how efficient it is to not have 1000 or garbage trucks ply the streets everyday. I hope this kind of thing can be implemented around the world.

  • Very interesting. I’m encouraged each day with the growing amount of innovative solutions that cities in the world (and more specifically in Canada) can borrow ideas from as we strive for increased sustainability in our own communities. Thanks for posting this video.