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The first carsharing association seeks to brand carsharing as socially and einvornmentally minded transit option. Photo by atmtx.
New Carsharing Association Aims to Reduce Car Ownership
Eighteen carsharing companies from around the world recently formed a new association that emphasizes the environmental and social impact of their work, with a focus on reducing car ownership and promoting integrated public transportation. It makes sense that carsharing leaders would eventually come ...
Congestion Pricing Coming to Chicago?
Congestion Pricing Coming to Chicago?
“There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with traffic. Whatever that cost would be, I would be happy to pay. It would make the quality of my life much better.” - Mario Reed, an aspiring attorney in Chicago, quoted in the ...
Acrossair's New York Nearest Subway app uses augmented reality to overlay subway location information onto images viewed through your smartphone camera.  Photo courtesy of Business Week.
Transport-Related Apps for Your Smartphone
Do you want to be able to map your bike routes as you ride and share them with fellow riders?  Impress your friends by locating the closest Zipcar on the spur of the moment?  Find the nearest subway station in ...
Hooray for Zipcar! Photo by Rakka.
Zipcar Gets Some Competition
[/caption Via Eric Britton’s World Streets, Dave Brooks is writing about the new wave of carsharing businesses that are entering the market. Depending on your perspective, the companies coming onto the market are either completely unlikely, or entirely obvious. Namely, ...
Bikes of Burden and the Effect of Wealth on Transportation Choices
Bikes of Burden and the Effect of Wealth on Transportation Choices
I want to add to my point earlier today about the need to differentiate between modal shifts that are happening as a result of the economy and modal shifts that are happening as a result of changing preferences. I think ...
Photo by Jahi Chikwendiu of The Washington Post.
Does the Recession Make Us Want To Share Or Just to Save?
It’s always exciting to see a colleague’s picture in the newspaper. Fellow EMBARQer Chris Ganson made it onto the Washington Post’s cover for riding SmartBike! Very cool. The article looked at how the recession has made us want to share ...
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