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Chinese Citizen Cautiously Bikes Around Beijing. Photo by  Benoit Colin/WRI
Make Cycling Safer in China – By Design
The original version of this article appeared on ChinaDaily. The renaissance of bike-riding is a welcome development, so let’s improve conditions for the users. Orange, yellow, blue, green, rainbow…bike lanes in Chinese cities are quite colorful these days. Thanks to ...
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Chengdu, China encourages cycling and walking to mitigate air pollution from fossil fuels. Photo by Richy / Fickr
China’s Clean Air Challenge: $3 Billion Air Pollution from Transport in Chengdu
This is the third installment of WRI’s China’s Clean Air Challenge blog series. This series examines the increasing social, environmental and economic impacts of the serious air quality challenge in Chinese cities and investigates the sources of emissions and sustainable ...
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Infrastructure Incentivizes Use of Non-motorized Transport in Beijing. Photo by Benoit Colin / EMBARQ / Flickr
Combatting Traffic Congestion with Transport Demand Management in China
China has experienced unprecedented urbanization over the past 30 years, leading to rapid mobilization and a seven fold increase in the nation’s urban area. According to the Ministry of Housing’s China Urban Construction Statistical Yearbook, China’s built urban area grew ...