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From an edge city to a vibrant urban center. Is Tysons Corner wishful thinking? Photo by VaDOT.
Repositioning America’s Edge Cities: Virginia’s Tysons Corner
  How do you reposition a typical suburban office development – an office park, a group of office buildings and an intersection of highways – into a vibrant urban center? If you know of Tysons Corner in Northern Virginia, you ...
Bike and pedestrian infrastructure in Freiburg, Germany is some of the world's most advanced. Photo via Tillwe.
Green Mobility: Learning from Germany and Making Washington Greater
Yesterday I attended “Biking, Walking, and Public Transport: Smart Mobility for the 21st Century” at the Goethe-Institut. The event kicked off with a great hands-on demonstration of how to change a bike tire by Daniel Hoagland, D.C.’s star bike ambassador. Some ...
B-cycle's signature red bikes each have a basket to ease transporting things during a commute or shopping trip. Image via
Two-Wheel Revolution: Bikesharing Takes Off
In 2005,  with the launch of Vélo’v in Lyon, a global bikesharing movement began. By 2007, Paris began a similar bike-share with 10,000 bikes, and quickly doubled that number due to high demand. That same year, Barcelona initiated its bike-share system, Bicing, with ...
Does your snowy city pay adequate attention to the needs of pedestrians and transit users when the white stuff is falling?  Montreal uses mini-plows, above, to clear sidewalks.  Photo: sfllaw, Flickr.
Snow Removal Best Practices: The Right Path
The Washington, D.C. metro area has the second highest percentage of public transit commuters in the United States, behind only New York City. Many of those riders walk to the Metro or the bus, and 89,000 other commuters walk to ...
DC's Capitol Hill neighborhood can meet a snowbound resident's daily needs.  How does your neighborhood fare?  Photo by Megan McConville.
Local Forecast: Snowy, with a Chance of Mixed-Use
We’re in the midst of another snowstorm here in D.C., and once again, I’m thanking my lucky stars that I live in a walkable, mixed-use neighborhood. Just like last time, the roads are a mess and my car is buried ...
VRE trains are one of the options for Washington, DC
The Future of Regional Commuting
The Washington Post’s Get There blog announced yesterday that Virginia Railway Express is planning service upgrades due to the availability of additional train parking space at L’Enfant station. These will include a new early morning express train from Fredericksburg, which ...
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