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"Urban Repair Squad" Makes Over São Paulo Streets
São Paulo, Brazil is notorious for its horrifically congested streets. The city has the world’s sixth most painful commute, and motorization in the metropolitan area of more than 19 million residents is growing by 10 percent per year. But just ...
More and more cities are installing hawks -- high-intensity activated crosswalks -- in an attempt to make their streets safer for pedestrians. Photo via wolfpix.
Guiding Pedestrians: HAWKs in the Lead, While Pelicans and Puffins Fall Behind
A few weeks ago, we published a post featuring a few ornothologically inspired pedestrian crosswalks, including pelicans, puffins, toucans, and HAWKs. Which is best for pedestrians, we wondered?
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa broke his elbow while cyclist last weekend when a car abruptly pulled into his bike lane. Photo via
Mayoral Bike to Work Day?
Last weekend, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa experienced firsthand why city cyclists are constantly complaining about disrespectful drivers on the streets. Villaraigosa, who began to actively promote biking in L.A. after attending the Copenhagen climate conference in December, was out ...
A new bike share system in London adds momentum to a two-wheel revolution in cities around the world. Image via
London Shifts into Bike-Share Gear
Just after officially opening two of twelve planned “Barclay’s Cycle Superhighways,” London is now just days away from launching its new bike share system. The system, called Barclay’s Cycle Hire (at this point, the sponsor has become obvious, right?), will ...
African Bicycle Design Contest: How Do You Redesign an Icon?
African Bicycle Design Contest: How Do You Redesign an Icon?
Cycling out of Poverty (CooP), a nonprofit that supports bicycle projects in developing countries, invites students, designers and other cycling advocates to submit ideas for the African Bicycle Design Contest. The aim is to “design affordable quality bicycles tuned to ...
Vienna may be one of the world's most livable cities, but the green men at its pedestrian crossings really leave something to be desired. Photo via spanout.
Friday Fun: Pelican People
A few days ago, we published a post about the differences between pelicans, puffins, toucans, hawks, and other animal-themed pedestrian crossings. While we were researching the different crosswalk signals, we couldn’t help but notice how cute some of the little ...
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