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World Carfree Day is Tomorrow
World Carfree Day is Tomorrow
Given that tomorrow, September 22, is World Carfree Day, we thought we’d share a bit of the most exciting events happening around the world. You can find a full list of events on the World Carfree wiki page. For a ...
View from the High Line. Photo by
Friday Fun: The Best Places To Walk Anywhere
View from of High Line. Photo by Seth Lassman. If you were asked to identify the best city blocks for walking, what would you say? I can only speak from experience, but I would say Manhattan’s High Line, built from the ...
Crosswalks in Curitiba, Brasil. Photo from Ads Of the World.
Following the Flow of the People with Crosswalks
We all know that crosswalks facilitate the safe movement of pedestrians across streets. We should heed them, walk within them and avoid jaywalking. A number of designers are rethinking the traditional concept of the crosswalk in favor of designs that ...
GOOD is looking for the best drawing of your day spent only using a bicycle. Original image by Andrew Neher
Friday Fun: Sketch Your Day on a Bike
Our friends over at GOOD have created a “doodle project” asking you to take a break from using any form of motorized transportation for a whole day, hop on your bike, and illustrate in some form or fashion your carbon-free ...
A bike trailer that folds into itself and triples as a courier bag and suitcase. Photo by Carry Freedom.
Load-Carrying Bikes Ease the Burden of Delivery
What are your favorite business and public service ideas that use bikes? We’ve profiled several examples, from mobile schools in the slums of India to FedEx Corp.’s electric tricycle delivery service. There are businesses like MetroPedal Power in Boston, which ...
Sign reads: Tube Strike Monday and Tuesday So Why Not Cycle To Work? Photo Courtesy of:
Disruptions in London Lead to Alternative Commutes
London’s Tube workers, including 10,000 subway drivers, station workers and engineers, are on strike as Transport for London (TfL) prepares to lay off 800 of 19,000 London Underground staff. Most of the cut positions are those of ticket office staff ...
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