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A screenshot of the scene of the crime from the A&E television show, Parking Wars. Taken from episode 59, part 1.
Friday Fun: A Reality Show About…Car Parking
“Is this your car?” “Uh, yea…” “Well you’re about to get a ticket for blocking the sidewalk.” Parking is the subject of a new A&E American reality television show. The series follows likable and smooth-talking employees of Detroit Municipal Parking ...
Each city deals with its own unique challenges of regulating taxis. Taxis in Tokyo. Photo by Altus.
Taxis: The New Frontier of Sustainable Transportation
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is vowing to promote the use of electric and energy efficient taxi cabs globally and in New York, a city known for its gas guzzling Crown Victoria cabs. Bloomberg was elected chair of the ...
"Naked Streets" Without Traffic Lights Improve Flow and Safety
Portishead is a coastal town in England about 120 miles west of London. The town of 22,000 people experimented with turning its traffic lights off on a major road in September 2009. Despite the traffic chaos, the streets still seemed ...
Would you trust yourself with a robot—like Total Recall's Johnny Cab—behind the wheel? Image via
Would You Drive a Car that Drives Itself?
Google’s wheels are spinning again. Earlier this month, the company made headlines with its $1 million investment in Shweeb’s bicycle monorail, and now, the company is venturing into the car business. Last week, Google announced its new technology for cars ...
America by Car: Lee Friedlander's Photography
Following in the tradition of  American photographers like Walker Evans is Lee Friedlander.  Since the 1950s, Friedlander has focused on everyday Americana, creating expansive black and white images of the social landscape. His latest photographic exploration focuses on views of ...
What Do Roads Say About Borders and Politics?
What Do Roads Say About Borders and Politics?
A video from Al Jazeera English shows a disparity in the length of travel time Palestinians living in the West Bank and Israeli settlers experience when entering Jerusalem, the city on the border of the West Bank and Israel.
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