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Although living in a region full of rivers, residents of Korail—an informal settlement in Dhaka, Bangladesh—often struggle to access clean water and other basic urban services. Photo by William Veerbeek/Flickr.
Friday Fun: The daily life of informal settlements in a series of striking new videos
As a filmmaker, writer, and editor, Cassim Shepard is particularly attentive to the many complex ways that rapid global urbanization is affecting people at a very fundamental level—what they see, feel, and do in daily city life. Commissioned by Design ...
Bikers pedal along a path in the Forests of Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Public spaces provide a valuable place where disparate groups of people mix to create strong, communal bonds. Photo by Claudio Olivares Medina/Flickr.
Show off your skills – and your streets – with the ‘Open Streets’ Video Contest
Each Sunday streets across cities in the Americas are blocked off to all motorized vehicles. In the absence of cars from their normal ecosystems, new patterns of public interaction emerge in these public spaces. Instead of automobiles, people appear: runners, ...
A woman bikes in one of Amsterdam's bicycle lanes. The dominance of bike lanes in the city has been the result of community activism and human-centered policy decisions.
Lessons in promoting bicycle use: The case of the Netherlands
Darío Hidalgo is EMBARQ’s Director for Research and Practice, with over twenty years of experience as a transport expert, consultant, and government official. Hidalgo is a Colombian native who grew up participating in Ciclovía in Bogotá, and a frequent contributor to TheCityFix. In 1998, ...
Cyclists riding in Mexico City, Mexico. A new series of videos from the city of Edmonton, Canada, are using an innovative approach to educate all road users about bicycle safety: LEGO. Photo by Maks Karochkin/Flickr.
Friday Fun: Bicycle safety through LEGO
As we kick off 2014, many of us are now faced with a long list of New Year’s resolutions: eat healthier, run a marathon, write a book, bike to work more – the list is potentially endless. Many of us ...
From the Mexico City Urban Earth Transect. By Daniel @RavenEllison [URBAN EARTH].
Friday Fun: Daniel Raven-Ellison and the “Urban Transect” through Mexico City
One photo, every eight steps, the camera pointed straight ahead. The formula is simple, but the results reveal a lot about the way we perceive urban streetscapes. Geographer Daniel Raven-Ellison formed the Urban Earth network, in an effort to, “explore ...
Friday Fun: “Look, No Hands!”
Friday Fun: “Look, No Hands!”
Here is a hilarious video from director Ninian Doff that displays 50 no-handed bike moves. The video is a compilation of  funny gestures like “The MGM Lion,” “The Canoe” and “The Oscar Acceptance Speech” acted out by bicyclists as they ride ...
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