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Lyon, France, introduced the most recent "3+" bike-sharing generation. Photo by juicebox013.
Four generations of bike-sharing
Looking back at Amit Bhatt’s presentation on Financially Sustainable Public Bike-Sharing at Transforming Transportation 2013, I thought I would share with you the key moments and generations in the history of bike-sharing. Although it appears like a new trend, bike-sharing ...
"Revolutionary" Hubway riders outside of Paul Revere's House in Boston. Photo by City of Boston.
Boston’s Hubway
After spending several years abroad focused on Asia’s urban centers, it was heartening to return to find my hometown making progress in sustainable transportation. On July 28, the city of Boston launched New Balance Hubway, the fifth major bike share system ...
The City of Toronto is set to launch a bike-sharing program as an extension of its public transit system. Photo by wyliepoon.
Toronto Set to Launch Bike-Sharing Program
A new bike-sharing program, called BIXI (short for “bicycle-taxi,”) will be installed in Toronto starting May 2011. Currently, the system has been operating in Montreal, Canada, since its inception in May 2009.  Although the program is not expected to begin until ...
Photo by The Transport Politic
From Periphery to Center: Does Bike Redistribution Work?
The Transport Politic‘s Yonah Freemark has been writing recently about the efficiency of bikesharing models that major cities around the world have been adopting. He focuses on the issue of redistribution. Bikesharing systems have opened in cities, such as Denver, Co.; ...
Could Autolib’ Transform the City of Lights into a City of Electric Vehicles?
Could Autolib’ Transform the City of Lights into a City of Electric Vehicles?
Could France become the leader in electric vehicle technology? And what does that mean for the future of sustainable urban mobility? Photo by Lea Marzloff. From BusinessWeek: Could the City of Lights soon become the City of Electric Cars? Paris ...
Montreal’s Public Bike System (PBS), also known as “Bixi,” provides a competitive alternative to the bikes-for-advertising business model. Flickr photo by amlibrarian.
Mobility-Driven Companies Shake Up the Bikesharing Market
It seems that D.C.’s 10,000+ SmartBike members may have to wait some time for the District’s promised ten-fold expansion. ClearChannel Outdoor, the advertising giant that operates SmartBike, has little interest to expand the pilot, according to news last week from ...
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