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International Walk to School Day and initiatives similar to it encourage kids to seek out alternative ways to get to school other than private vehicles, and create healthier habits. (Photo: Pedrito Guzman/ Flickr)
Friday Fun: Cities Around the World Celebrate International Walk to School Day
This past Wednesday (October 7) marked the celebration of the fifteenth annual International Walk to School Day. Schools in more than 40 countries across the globe participated in the event—including the U.S., Turkey, Brazil and China—encouraging students to walk with ...
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With the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit coming up this weekend, cities are looking to play a key role in achieving the UN's sustainable development goals. (Photo: Center for Global Development/ Flickr)
How Cities Can Drive Change with the New UN Sustainable Development Goals
This weekend, from September 25 – 27, more than 150 world leaders will convene in New York City for the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit to develop the new sustainable development goals (SDGs). This agreement will serve as the foundation ...
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As technology advances and governance becomes virtual, citizens are becoming better equipped to individually hold officials accountable, and governments are becoming increasingly efficient. (Photo: Maryland GovPics/ Flickr)
Participation, Transparency and Efficiency: the True Indicators of Modernization in the 21st Century
When I was a kid growing up in Brazil, all governments in Latin America were right-wing military dictatorships. Today they are all center-left wing democracies—seemingly representing extraordinary progress. However, socio-economic indicators and trust in government have hardly improved. In the ...
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To decrease energy consumption, cities in Latin America--such as Mexico City--are launching new initiatives to boost the energy efficiency of their buildings. (Photo: Joseph Wingenfeld / Flickr)
Accelerating Building Efficiency Improvements in Latin America
Energy efficiency improvements in the building sector can yield significant financial and environmental benefits including reduced energy costs, decreased greenhouse gas emissions, improved occupant health and increased local employment.  However, long standing market and policy barriers stand in the way ...
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With the upcoming United Nations Climate Conference, the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases are promising to double down on their efforts to reduce emissions. (Photo: Mariana Gil / WRI Brasil | EMBARQ Brasil)
How the World’s Top Ten Emitters Are Committing to Change
Though our planet is home to one hundred and ninety independent nations, the UN Climate Conference in Paris this December reminds us that all countries share a single, collective future. Indeed, in order to keep the global temperature rise from ...
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The upcoming UN Climate Summit will be an important forum for country and cities leaders to commit to sustainable urban development strategies. Photo by Vernon Tang/Flickr.
Five reasons to watch NYC’s climate summit
Foreword: The upcoming United Nations Climate Summit comes at a critical time for cities worldwide. Cities already account for 70% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and between 2011 and 2030, urban areas are expected to gain 1.4 billion people. ...
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