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Graduate students at NYU's Tisch School have developed a device that can detect air pollution. Photo via FastCompany.
Friday Fun: Color-Changing Shirts Detect Carbon Monoxide
A pair of graduate students at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Sue Ngo and Niem Lam, have created a shirt that changes color when exposed to carbon monoxide.
Crowdsourcing Energy in Public Spaces
Crowdsourcing Energy in Public Spaces
The body heat of about 250,000 commuters in Stockholm’s Central Station is now being used to warm a building across the street. Engineers and designers in Sweden have figured out a way to harness the excess heat energy from the ...
A new venture in Hong Kong bring together social enterprise and transit access for the elderly and disabled. Photo by Ivars Krutainis.
Social Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong: Cabs for the Disabled
Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk) is a startup that seeks to invest capital and provide capacity building and results measuring to social enterprises. The organization is currently working with a project called Diamond Cab – one of a number of ...
Using Instant Feedback for "Eco-Driving"
Researchers at the University of California are developing a study on how drivers change their behavior when they have access to instantaneous information on the efficiency of their driving. The first-of-its-kind study, led by UC Berkeley, UC Riverside and UC ...
The "Harvest City," a vision for post-earthquake Haiti. Photo via Huffington Post.
Floating City for Haiti: Does it Hold Water?
Floating cities may seem like science fiction, but for some architects and planners, the concept is a real consideration for sustainable urban design, especially  for coastal city-dwellers who face rising sea levels and climatic disasters that demand alternatives to existing ...
The inflatable bike collar can be worn with your normal clothes. Photo via the Daily Mail.
Best of 2010: Tech Innovations for Transit
We’ve explained several times this year that technology alone is not enough to solve our world’s mobility problems. Recent solutions that we’ve reviewed, like the Google-funded Shweeb, China’s plans for car-straddling buses, and “collision-free” robot cars are all interesting ideas, but they ...
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