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As cities grow and the demand for urban transport increases, cities must invest in low-carbon transport to decrease emissions and combat congestion. Photo by Benoit Colin/WRI
It’s Time for Low-Carbon Mobility
TheCityFix is covering cities at COP21. Urban areas account for a large share of greenhouse gas emissions but are also tremendous agents of innovation to address climate change. Read our full coverage of the Paris Climate Conference as it relates to cities, buildings, and mobility. As people ...
The sounds of a commute majorly impact the user experience. To stay competitive, public transport options should also focus on comfort. (Photo: Barbara Krawcowicz/Flickr)
Friday Fun: Which Transport Mode Would You Choose? The Sounds of Commuting into Washington, DC
In December of 2007, I visited Tokyo, one of the largest and densest cities in the world. While I stood at an intersection near the busy Shibuya Station (which serves 2.4 million passengers per day), it struck me that the ...
To make electric vehicles a more viable option for drivers and encourage more research, Brazil is working to pass legislation to support electric vehicle production.(Photo: Bruno Takahashi Carvalhas de Oliveira/WikiMedia)
Brazil is Ramping up Support of Electric Vehicles
Anfavea, Brazil’s auto industry trade group, has predicted that personal car sales will increase 68 percent, from 3.4 million units in 2011 to 5.7 million by 2016. One of the barriers Brazil has faced when attempting to transition to cleaner ...
Former mayor of Curitiba Jaime Lerner talks about his experience starting new BRT systems and shares what he thinks will be the future of urban transport. (Photo: Columbian Ministry of TIC / Flickr)
Jaime Lerner: Innovating in Brazil and the Future of Urban Transport
Jaime Lerner, a three-term mayor of Curitiba, turned the city into a model for quality public transport. In the 1970s, for example, Lerner created bus priority corridors—a new transport mode that was cheaper than metro but just as effective. Jaime ...
The 7 Features of a Successful BRT Station
The 7 Features of a Successful BRT Station
Have you ever ridden Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)? First implemented in Brazil, this relatively new mode of transport can be found in 194 cities around the world and is proving to be an effective and viable solution for urban mobility challenges. Unlike more traditional bus ...
As cities grow and the demand for urban transport increases, some Brazilian cities are revamping their old bus fleets to improve local air quality and decrease emissions.
How Two Brazilian Cities Upgraded Their Outdated Bus Fleets for Cleaner Air
Nossa Cidade (“Our City”), from TheCityFix Brasil, explores critical questions for building more sustainable cities. Every month features a new theme. Leaning on the expertise of researchers and specialists in WRI’s sustainable urban mobility team in Brazil, the series will feature in ...
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