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Barcelona's Superblocks from above. Photo by Lucy / Flickr
The “Superblocks” of Barcelona: Despite Protests, City Follows with Sustainable Strategy
In 2016, Barcelona launched superblocks, an innovative strategy to combat air pollution caused by vehicle traffic in the city. The sustainable tactic was detailed in Barcelona’s Mobility Plan, which aims to reduce traffic by 21 percent. Additionally, it says that ...
In another sign of the growing momentum for open streets, Madrid is banning cars from its city center as part of larger plan to advance sustainable urban mobility. Photo by Cassie/Flickr.
Madrid rolling out plan to ban cars in city center
As we recently discussed on TheCityFix, momentum is building for open streets in cities worldwide. Across seven Indian cities, tens of thousands of citizens are taking back their streets during weekly car-free days. Similar open streets events now occur in ...
Barcelona’s transformation under Pasqual Maragall provides one of the best examples of using major events as a catalyst for long term urban improvement. Photo by pleymo_05/Flickr.
Urbanism Hall of Fame: Pasqual Maragall uses the Olympics to transform Barcelona into a global city
This is the sixth entry in the Urbanism Hall of Fame series, exclusive to TheCityFix. This series is intended to inform people about the leading paradigms surrounding sustainable transport and urban planning and the thinkers behind them. By presenting their many ...
Shared bicycles represent the wide range of bike-share systems around the world, many of which are currently facing challenges in terms of operation and ridership. Photo courtesy of Melbourne Bike Share.
The bike-share report: Hard times and hope for the future
The Bike-share Report is a new blog series on bike-sharing, exclusive to TheCityFix, from Peter Midgley – the former Urban Mobility Theme Champion for the global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP) with 25 years of experience at The World Bank. The ...
The five best high speed rail networks in the world
The five best high speed rail networks in the world
In 1964, Japan became the first country to build and operate a High Speed Rail line. Photo by bass_nroll. While California breaks ground this summer on the United States’ first bullet train and Iraq gets into the game with a ...
Reinventing waterfronts, like the Seine River in Paris, is one way that cities are revitalizing urban spaces for public use. Photo courtesy of the Paris Mayor's Office.
On the Waterfront: Paris, Madrid, San Francisco, Portland
PARIS Paris, the city whose motto is “tossed by the waves, but does not sink,” is set to open up the streets along the Seine River to pedestrians and cyclists. Mayor Bertrand Delanoë, in coordination with the national government, is ...
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