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Photo by Mariana Gil/WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities
Brazil’s Businesses Look to Global Models to Improve the Daily Commute
Nossa Cidade (“Our City”), from TheCityFix Brasil, explores critical questions for building more sustainable cities. Every month features a new theme. Leaning on the expertise of researchers and specialists in WRI’s sustainable urban mobility team in Brazil, the series will feature in ...
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Do you ever wish bus routes better fit where you actually want to go? New startups are changing the way routes are designed, and they could be launching a revolution in ‘smart’ bus transport. Photo by Ken Power/Flickr.
Friday Fun: The bus that goes where you go
Startups like Uber are revolutionizing personal transport in cities worldwide, providing on-demand services at a relatively low price. Can the same thing be done for bus transport? Imagine requesting a bus from your phone, and having it drop you off ...
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Smart cars, which weigh about 1,800 pounds, are the latest targets for a group of pranksters in San Francisco, giving rise to the “smart car tipping” trend. Photo by Jeff Chiu.
Friday Fun: Smart cars reach tipping point
No, not that kind of tipping point. While smart car usage is on the rise, it hasn’t quite crossed the Malcolm Gladwell threshold. We’re talking about a different trend: smart car tipping. It seems an unidentified group of six to ...
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Two cyclists on Market Street in San Francisco, California. Market Street's transformation over the last century reveals the central role transport planning has played in urban development. Photo by Sergio Ruiz/Flickr.
Then and now: Film clip captures San Francisco’s urban transformation
100 years ago, two out of 10 people lived in cities. Today, that figure has risen to five out of 10. As a result, urban landscapes and development have changed considerably over the past century. Two film clips shot on ...
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This Halloween, there are plenty of transport and urban planning inspired costumes out there - including this group dressed as a New York City subway car. Photo by Gene Han.
Friday Fun: Halloween’s gotten the sustainable cities bug
In the spirit of Halloween, let’s take a minute to appreciate all of the excellent transport and urban planning inspired Halloween costumes out there. Scouring the web reveals endless possibilities for creative costumes with a message about urban living. From ...
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Bikesharing and carsharing systems were among the innovations in shared urban mobility discussed at this month's Shared-use Mobility Summit in San Francisco. Photo by Richard Masoner.
Shared-use Mobility Summit explores future of urban mobility
“The 20th century is a century of general, and the 21st century is a century of sharing.” – Lisa Gansky, author of the Mesh Shared mobility is the cornerstone of the sharing economy, which is spurred by demographic changes, increased ...
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