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New York City's new-ish First Avenue bike lane.
The Complexities of a Biking Transition and the New York City Backlash
On November 22 and November 23, 2010, The New York Times gave biking in New York City significant coverage in print. The paper wrote about the city’s plans for a cross-borough bike share system. And then a day later how ...
Map from D.C. Hunger Solutions and Social Compact Report.
Studies Show the Connection Between Travel Times to Food Stores and Public Health
Generally, in the United States larger grocery store chains supply a variety of fresh food at lower costs, while independent grocers, bodegas and smaller stores have less selection and higher operating costs and prices.  Such stores tend to have a ...
Graph from Latin American Cities Index.
New Report: Latin American Green City Index
The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) of the news magazine The Economist and Siemens released a Latin American Green City Index measuring sustainability of 17 key cities in the region. EIU is a prominent research and intelligence firm that delivers business ...
The chaotic streets of Kolkata. Photo by Frisse82
Parking Woes in Kolkata
India’s megacity of Kolkata, the world’s eighth largest, struggles with a number of issues related to a lack of regulation in the transit industry and a seemingly out-of-control transportation culture. The blog, Reinventing Parking, wrote recently about exorbitant parking rates in the ...
Two-Way Street Between D.C. and the Dutch
Two-Way Street Between D.C. and the Dutch
The Royal Netherlands Embassy hosted a two-day series of workshops, known as ThinkBike, in Washington, D.C. last week, bringing together Dutch bicycling experts, local transportation planners, engineers, advocates and cyclists to plan and discuss how to improve biking in the nation’s capital. The ...
How much is your vehicle costing you at the pump? Photo by Sanford Kearns.
How Much Money Does Public Transportation Save?
The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) released its monthly “The Transit Savings Report” detailing how riding public transportation on average saves money. The report found that individuals save $9,515 annually (up by a few hundred dollars from this time last year) ...
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