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An aerial view of the metro-bus system in Mexico City. The city's recent bus-rapid transport system has helped alleviate major congestion. (Photo: EMBARQ Sustainable Urban Mobility / Flickr)
7 Proven Principles for Designing a Safer City
Traffic accidents kill more than 1.2 million people every year, nearly the same amount that die from HIV/AIDS. But there’s an undervalued approach to making the world’s roads safer—good urban design. While most traffic safety initiatives tend to focus on ...
Former mayor of Bogota Enrique Penalosa has been a champion for building equitable cities. Photo by Colin Hughes/Flickr.
Enrique Peñalosa: Our Streets Belong to All
Enrique Peñalosa, Bogota’s former mayor, will come to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on September 9  for the Mayors´ Summit. The event is hosted by WRI Brasil | EMBARQ Brasil as part of EMBARQ Brasil’s 10th anniversary celebration. Here is an exclusive interview for ...
This Halloween, there are plenty of transport and urban planning inspired costumes out there - including this group dressed as a New York City subway car. Photo by Gene Han.
Friday Fun: Halloween’s gotten the sustainable cities bug
In the spirit of Halloween, let’s take a minute to appreciate all of the excellent transport and urban planning inspired Halloween costumes out there. Scouring the web reveals endless possibilities for creative costumes with a message about urban living. From ...
One of the target audiences for Transperth's "Two Hoots" campaign are bikers who use public transport. Photo by Sally.
Friday Fun: “Two Hoots” campaign rewards good behavior on public transport
In Perth, Australia, residents are fed up with anti-social and rude behavior on public transport. In an effort to reward riders who care about the comfort of their fellow passengers, Transperth – part of the Western Australia State Government’s Public ...
Over 300 BRTs and busways around the world
Over 300 BRTs and busways around the world
Big news for fans of Bus Rapid Transit and busways – there are now over 300 bus corridors around the world. ViveBus in Chihuahua, Mexico put the total over 300 when it launched this year. Advanced bus systems have now ...
When commuting in Mumbai, bring your smartphone
When commuting in Mumbai, bring your smartphone
Auto-rickshaw drivers wait at a stop light. Metershare, a ride sharing app, helps commuters in Mumbai to coordinate shared auto-rickshaw rides. Photo by Phil Marion. Carpooling is not a new idea. In order to save money, reduce congestion, or simply ...
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