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Passengers wait for a bus in Curitiba, Brazil. The city has developed around the bus line, a pivotal component of the city's transport network. Photo by mariordo59/Flickr.
Understanding the “t” in bus rapid transit oriented development
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a cost-effective mass transportation system characterized by exclusive bus lanes and reduction of travel times, high-passenger capacity and level boarding, and a relatively short construction process. Latin America and Asia are becoming the world leaders ...
Changing urban mobility trends among younger generations in the developed world broadly reflect a growing preference for biking, walking, public transport, and shared mobility services over car ownership. Photo by Kartik Anand.
On the move: Younger generation mobility trends
This is the second post of the “Sustainable Urban Transport On The Move” blog series, exclusive to TheCityFix. The late Dr. Lee Schipper, an internationally renowned researcher on the linkages between transport and climate change who co-founded EMBARQ in 2002, ...
A red bus passes children in uniforms. Transport and integration with the city is key in providing accessibility for all. Photo by Greg Younger.
UN World Habitat Day stresses importance of urban mobility
  Today is the United Nations’ World Habitat Day – a day established to reflect on the state of our cities and towns, and remind us of our shared responsibility for their stewardship. On this day, UN-HABITAT is releasing the ...
Your decision to ride public transport shows that special someone that you care about the environment, your health, and that you've got great people skills. Photo by Paul Lowry.
Friday Fun: Sustainable transport just got sexier
Have you ever wondered what message you’re sending that special someone through how you get around? According to a recent survey, you probably should. Out of 2,000 British men and women polled by, an online facilitator for buying and ...
Using successful communications and marketing strategies is an important way to increase the visibility of sustainable public transport systems. Photo by Caribb.
Three key building blocks of marketing sustainable transport
Consider McDonald’s golden arches for a moment. Now think about the Nike swoosh, or Apple’s, well, apple. There’s no denying that the power of branding and marketing is immense. For those of us in the sustainable urban transport world, we ...
Accessibility for all
Accessibility for all
In order for a system to be truly accessible, it must be accessible at all links in the transport chain. Photo by EMBARQ. Ten percent of the world’s population has a disability. That’s 650 million people, 80% of whom live ...
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