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Urban design has a large impact on lifestyle, with bike lanes and pedestrian pathways promoting healthy behaviors for city residents across Brazil. Photo by Raul/Flickr.
Creating active cities and healthy citizens through innovative urban design
Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, killing as many as 17 million people each year. Sedentary, inactive lifestyles are a major contributor to this rise in cardiovascular disease – stress, pollution, poor diet, and lack ...
Crowded and chaotic streets in Rio de Janeiro underscore why Brazil has such a significant road safety challenge. Photo by Yukun Chen/Flickr.
Maio Amarelo: Raising awareness for road safety in Brazil
Raising awareness and tapping into public sentiment is essential to making inroads against any major threat to public health. October, for example, is breast cancer awareness month and in November we remember all those lost to prostate cancer. Now, the ...
Average particulate matter readings in the Beijing area hit 473 milligrams per cubic meter last month, 19 times the level deemed healthy by the World Health Organization. Photo by Niccoló Mazzati/Flickr.
Air pollution in China forces short-term responses, requires long-term solutions
As severe air pollution grips Beijing, China and the surrounding region, the sharp rise in harmful particulate matter has forced authorities to consider both immediate responses and long-term strategies to combat air pollution. The current situation The height of the ...
Mayors play a pivotal role in creating sustainable, livable cities. Photo by Tommy Vohs /Flickr.
On the move: Advancing sustainable transport – getting from here to there
This is the tenth and final post of the “Sustainable Urban Transport On The Move” blog series, exclusive to TheCityFix. Preparation of this series was possible thanks to a grant by Shell Corporation. Its contents are the sole responsibility of ...
Young residents of Bogotá, Colombia, enjoy a rainy Ciclovía. Today, Dario Hidalgo - a Colombian native - shares his memories of Ciclovía as a child and recent experience at Raahgiri Day in Gurgaon, India. Photo by Claudio Olivares Medina/Flickr.
Memories of Ciclovía, dreams for Raahgiri Day
Darío Hidalgo is EMBARQ’s Director for Research and Practice, a transport expert, and Colombian native who grew up participating in Ciclovía in Bogotá. Today, Hidalgo shares his memories of Ciclovía and recent experience at Raahgiri Day in Gurgaon, India. Certain moments make me ...
Two Brazilian children at play juxtapose recent findings that Brazilian children are the least active in Latin America. A new partnership between Nike, Inc. and nine Brazilian organizations will work to counter this trend, yet sustainable urban transport and planning can also play an important role in increasing physical activity. Photo courtesy of Designed To Move Full Report (in Portuguese).
A physical activity agenda for the increasingly urban, inactive global population
The impacts of what has become a widespread physical inactivity epidemic affect everyone in every nation. – Designed To Move If global trends in physical activity continue as they stand today, Brazilians will be 34% less active by 2030 than ...
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