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Shared bicycles represent the wide range of bike-share systems around the world, many of which are currently facing challenges in terms of operation and ridership. Photo courtesy of Melbourne Bike Share.
The bike-share report: Hard times and hope for the future
The Bike-share Report is a new blog series on bike-sharing, exclusive to TheCityFix, from Peter Midgley – the former Urban Mobility Theme Champion for the global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP) with 25 years of experience at The World Bank. The ...
Lyon, France, introduced the most recent "3+" bike-sharing generation. Photo by juicebox013.
Four generations of bike-sharing
Looking back at Amit Bhatt’s presentation on Financially Sustainable Public Bike-Sharing at Transforming Transportation 2013, I thought I would share with you the key moments and generations in the history of bike-sharing. Although it appears like a new trend, bike-sharing ...
The key to a city's culture is its non-car activity like markets, biking, parks and walking. Photo by Christian Haugen.
The Future of Sustainable Urban Mobility: Change People’s Behavior
This post is part of a series analyzing the solutions highlighted in the report and toolkit, “Megacities on the Move.” The report, written by Forum for the Future in partnership with FIA Foundation, Vodafone, and EMBARQ, offers six sustainable mobility solutions for massive cities ...
In snowy cities, winter bikers winter in warehouses to avoid damage and low usage. Photo by *DRAMA QUEEN*.
Bye Bye Bikeshare, See You Next Spring
UPDATE, 12/15/10: Capital Bikeshare in Washington D.C. has announced the Winter Weather Warrior contest. To the Capital Bikeshare annual or monthly member with the most trips taken from January 1- February 28 goes a three-year extension of his/her membership, two ...
The success of Bogota's TransMilenio bus rapid transit system is largely based on the concentrated development that has occurred around bus corridors. Photo by Javier Guillot.
The Future of Sustainable Urban Mobility: Integrate, Integrate, Integrate
This post is part of a series analyzing the solutions highlighted in the report and toolkit, “Megacities on the Move.” The report, written by London-based Forum for the Future in partnership with FIA Foundation, Vodafone, and EMBARQ, offers six sustainable ...
There are a number of barriers to a successful public bike sharing program in Pune, India, one of them being a disorganized and hard-to-navigate streetscape. Hopefully, a public-private partnership to develop the program will lead to success. Photo by Jean Garcin.
How to Make Bike Sharing Successful in Pune, India
In our previous post about the challenges of building metro rail in Indian cities, we wrote about the environmental organization Parisar and its work to resolve some tough issues, such as corruption and transparency, displacement of people, financing and costs, affordability, and ...
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