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Children play in the streets of ITI Colony, as the roads are absent of the automotive congestion plaguing the rest of the city. Photo by Amartya Deb
What an Indian Town Shows Us About Integrated and Accessible Cities
Bangalore, India’s third largest city with 8.5 million people and a decadal growth rate of 46 percent, is known for its rapid, modern development driven by electronic and software enterprises. In the last decade, quaint neighborhoods have transformed into high-rise ...
Photo by Jason Rodman.
Research Recap, March 26: Urban Highways, Unaffordable Housing, Driving Distractions
Welcome to “Research Recap,” our series highlighting recent reports, studies and other findings in sustainable transportation policy and practice, in case you missed it. Urban Highways EMBARQ, the producer of this blog, released a new study last week on urban highways. ...
Photo by Karen Blumberg.
Friday Fun: Beat the Winter Blues with an Indoor Park
New York City might finally get some snow tonight and there is a 70 percent chance of precipitation in Washington, D.C., which will most likely turn to slush. But the chill’s arrival doesn’t mean you have to spend your weekend ...
Vote Now for Active Cities, Healthy Cities!
Vote Now for Active Cities, Healthy Cities!
Originally posted on A new online competition, Active Cities, Healthy Cities, was launched today to raise awareness of cities in Latin America and the Caribbean dedicated to sustainable transport, the environment, and creating a healthy lifestyle for their citizens. ...
The prototype of Bus Roots. Photo by
Friday Fun: Garden Buses
New York University student Marco Antonio Castro Cosio developed a playful design of a bus with a “green roof,” aimed at rethinking quality of life in the city. The designer, who attends the Interactive Telecommunications Program at the Tisch School of the ...
Friday Fun: Scrapertown
Friday Fun: Scrapertown
Scrapertown, a film by Drea Cooper & Zackary Canepari for “[It] is definitely a process, and that process is definitely for the kids so they can get their mind off of what’s really goin’ on on these streets,” says ...
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