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A view from the East River. Photo by Ensie.
New York City’s Underappreciated Waterways
“NYC: Inside Out,” subtitled quite simply, “Transportation”, aired on the Discovery Channel last Thursday, September 17th. The short, hour long documentary explores the complexity of the transportation systems that sustain the city I visited for the first time the week ...
Photo by Mr. T in DC.
A New Breed of Bus: Transportation 2.0?
There has been an ongoing discussion on TheCityFix about the cool factor of buses – or lack thereof. Though we’ve come to no definite conclusions, the legion of bus companies conveying travelers between DC and NY is one more tally ...
Before & After: New York City’s Urban Ecosystem
Before & After: New York City’s Urban Ecosystem
Art by Philip Straub, via National Geographic. In its latest issue, National Geographic shows what the now bustling urban jungle of Manhattan looked like before Henry Hudson spotted the island in 1609. Four hundred years ago, there were beavers, just ...
A Transmilenio bus rolls smoothly into Bogota. Photo by adrimcm.
Yes, We Can Learn From The Developing World; or, Keeping an Open Mind About BRT
I hate to do another round on BRT with The Overhead Wire, but I can’t help myself. It’s an important discussion, particularly with BRT gaining momentum in D.C. The latest discussion started with Streetsblog making what seems like a very ...
Macdougal Street in Greenwich Village. Photo by Valentinian.
Parlor Game: Where Should Sotomayor Live?
I hadn’t noticed this fun parlor game of an article in Sunday’s Post: “Where Should Sonia Sotomayor Live?” It’s really further proof, along with good restaurants, that D.C. is becoming more like New York; we talk about real estate! Unfortunately, ...
New York was doing well even when we had a zeppelin-based economy. Photo by riptheskull.
Can D.C. Learn from New York's Success?
There is something distinctive about living in New York; over eight million other people are doing it – Don Herold. Ed Glaeser has another of his very smart, well-informed, but entirely frustrating columns up, this time at Forbes. Glaeser is ...
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