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A hypothetical development using transit-oriented development principles along a metro rail. Graphic by Neha Mungekar and Nikhil Chaudhary/WRI India
New Transited-Oriented Development Policy Has Big Implications for India’s Cities
India’s burgeoning cities are famous the world over for their startling vibrancy – and, sometimes, their startling problems. A new national policy, enshrining more transit-friendly development principles, aims to steer urban planning in the world’s largest democracy towards more compact ...
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Urban World Leaders Gather for Habitat III Plenary Session. Photo by Agencia de Noticias ANDES / Flickr
Live from Habitat III: National Policy, Local Empowerment and Climate Change
WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities is reporting on Habitat III from Quito, Ecuador. Follow our daily coverage on TheCityFix. Habitat III, the third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, officially began on Monday, October 17th in ...
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Better street lighting can help reduce emissions, save money and improve safety, but national support for cities is critical for overcoming the technical and financial barriers. Photo by pang yu liu/Flickr.
Improving Street Lighting Can Be an Easy Win for Cities. Here’s Why National Governments Are Critical
Lighting represents about 15 percent of global power consumption and 5 percent of worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Street lighting alone represents about 3 percent of world electricity consumption. Extensive programs that replace obsolete street lighting systems—incandescent, mercury vapor, and ...
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By aligning local and national policies and coordinating between sectors, Lille, France was able reduce transport emissions and save money. Photo by mi chiel/Flickr.
How Policy Integration Can Enable Sustainable Urban Energy
While cities need to address energy and climate challenges, national governments can play a critical role in enabling local action. As ministers from 23 countries highlighted at the Clean Energy Ministerial in Merida, Mexico last May, national governments can provide ...
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Photo by Ben Amstutz.
California’s Policy Model to Reduce Oil Use and Vehicle Emissions
Despite having continual governing issues, budget problems and high employment, California has been a leader in developing policy to address climate change. Dan Sperling, discussing California’s leadership in vehicle emissions standards at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace at an ...
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Photo by Elif Ayiter/Alpha Auer/..../.
New Competition: Visualizing Transport Data for Sound Policy and Investments
The United States Department of Transportation and the Transportation Research Board are sponsoring a data visualization competition, understanding that informed decision-making, based on sound data and analysis, is the cornerstone in crafting effective transportation policies and investments. The competition is ...
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