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The future of China in transport is not through more cars. Photo by Ol.v!er [H2vPk].
China Transportation Briefing: 5 Trends to Watch in China’s Urban Transport in 2013 (Part One)
Our China Transportation Briefing shares interesting news and noteworthy research related to China’s transportation and urban development. The goal is to help people who are interested in solving China’s urbanization and transportation problems understand relevant Chinese policies and trends. Each ...
Photo by Billy R
Friday Fun: Stockholm’s Metro Station Art
No wonder Stockholm receives some of the highest customer satisfaction scores in all of the world’s public transit services. In addition to placing an emphasis on service, value for money and customer information, Stockholm’s metro system also works to create ...
Pune is trying to find solutions for its heavily congested streets. Photo by Ted.
Pune’s Metro Rail Moves Forward, Faces Roadblocks Ahead
The Maharashtra Government approved the Pune Metro Rail a couple of weeks ago, but critics are still concerned about whether or not the project is a suitable solution for Pune’s traffic problems. Last month, the Pune Municipal Corporation’s initial enthusiasm ...
A map of metrorail’s bus priority corridor network (PCN) identified for priority treatments like restructured routes and schedules, bus lanes, transit signal priority, queue jumpers, bus stop location, and off-board fare payment systems. Recommended dedicated lane corridors are in green and spot treatments corridors in red.
D.C. Metro Gathers Feedback from Online Community for Long-Range Planning
The above video illustrates 2009 conditions in the “north mezzanine” area of the Union Station in Washington, D.C., a hub of metro and regional rail and bus service, during the afternoon rush period. This mezzanine connects the main terminal of ...
Metro Rail: The Solution for India?
Metro Rail: The Solution for India?
According to Parisar, an environmental organization that works on sustainable development with a focus on urban transport, India is expected to spend 40 billion dollars in metro rail over the next 10 years. The proposed metro rail system for Pune (and ...
L-R: A comparison of the current (1998) map, the Kick Map, and the 1972 Vignelli map. Image via
New York’s Iconic Subway Map Gets Makeover
New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is set to release a revamped subway map – the first since 1998. The new map features a taller and fatter Manhattan and a  shrunken Staten Island; brighter, cheerier colors; and pared-down bus-connection bubbles. The ...
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