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Urban Planners Playing Catch-Up in Smoggy Tehran
Urban Planners Playing Catch-Up in Smoggy Tehran
It came as a bit of a shock to foreign observers when the Iranian central government declared a 24-hour “holiday” last Wednesday in Tehran in response to the extremely unhealthy level of air pollution city officials were expecting, but unfortunately ...
A map of metrorail’s bus priority corridor network (PCN) identified for priority treatments like restructured routes and schedules, bus lanes, transit signal priority, queue jumpers, bus stop location, and off-board fare payment systems. Recommended dedicated lane corridors are in green and spot treatments corridors in red.
D.C. Metro Gathers Feedback from Online Community for Long-Range Planning
The above video illustrates 2009 conditions in the “north mezzanine” area of the Union Station in Washington, D.C., a hub of metro and regional rail and bus service, during the afternoon rush period. This mezzanine connects the main terminal of ...
The chaotic streets of Kolkata. Photo by Frisse82
Parking Woes in Kolkata
India’s megacity of Kolkata, the world’s eighth largest, struggles with a number of issues related to a lack of regulation in the transit industry and a seemingly out-of-control transportation culture. The blog, Reinventing Parking, wrote recently about exorbitant parking rates in the ...
Many American cities’ BRT systems are destined to flounder when one of the key elements of BRT, the exclusive lane, is omitted. Image by Erik Weber.
In the U.S., Poor Communication and Poor Choices Plague Bus Rapid Transit
Bus rapid transit (BRT) is still a relatively novel mode of public transit, particularly in the United States. And because the definition of BRT is flexible, this form of public transit often suffers from miscommunication that continues the cycle of ...
The famous bus station of Curitiba's BRT. Photo by Zhu.
Cities in Focus: Curitiba
Last night, EMBARQ (the producer of this blog) premiered the latest video in its documentary series, “Cities in Focus: Curitiba,” a five-minute film that profiles innovative examples of sustainable urban development, with a focus on transit-oriented development (TOD) and bus rapid ...
How much is your vehicle costing you at the pump? Photo by Sanford Kearns.
How Much Money Does Public Transportation Save?
The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) released its monthly “The Transit Savings Report” detailing how riding public transportation on average saves money. The report found that individuals save $9,515 annually (up by a few hundred dollars from this time last year) ...
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